Solo Leveling: ARISE Banner and Pity System Explained

ruekuma |  Published: April 26, 2024

Discover the Solo Leveling: ARISE Gacha system, including banner details, summoning rates, pity mechanics, and more in this article.

Try your luck and summon powerful characters and weapons in the new action RPG Solo Leveling: ARISE. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the game’s Gacha system, banner details, rates, pity system, and more.

Solo Leveling: ARISE Banner and Summoning

Solo Leveling ARISE Banner and Pity System Explained

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, you can attempt to summon new characters and weapons through two different banners – the Selection Draw banner and the Limited Hunter Draw banner called “The Ultimate Hunter”.

To summon on these banners, you’ll need special in-game currency called Draw Tickets. There are two types:

  • Selection Draw Tickets for the regular Selection Draw banner
  • Special Draw Tickets for the limited-time The Ultimate Hunter banner

You can purchase Draw Tickets using Essence Stones, the game’s premium currency. One Draw Ticket of either type costs 250 Essence Stones.

Summoning Rates and Rarities

The items you can summon in Solo Leveling: ARISE is divided into three rarities – R (Rare), SR (Super Rare), and SSR (Super Super Rare). The chances of summoning each rarity are:

  • R Rarity: 90%
  • SR Rarity: 8.8%
  • SSR Rarity: 1.2%

While a 1.2% rate for the highest SSR rarity isn’t bad, you need to keep in mind that these rates apply to both characters and weapons together. So your chances of summoning a specific SSR character are actually lower.

The Ultimate Hunter Banner Details

The Ultimate Hunter Banner

This is the limited-time banner featuring an increased rate of 0.6% for the SSR character Choi Jong-In. It also has several other SSR characters and weapons at standard rates.

You must use the premium Special Draw Tickets to summon this banner. The Ultimate Hunter banner was available only until April 18, 2024.

Selection Draw Banner Details

Selection Draw Banner

The Selection Draw is the regular, permanent banner in Solo Leveling: ARISE. On this banner, you can select four SSR items (characters or weapons) to have an increased 0.15% rate for each of them.

You use the standard Selection Draw Tickets to summon here. All SSR items except the four you selected have a flat 0.06% rate.

The Pity System

To prevent extremely bad luck, Solo Leveling: ARISE features a pity system on its banners. Here’s how it works:

  • After 64 summons, a “soft pity” activates, increasing your SSR rates slightly with each subsequent summon until the 80th summon.
  • You are guaranteed to receive an SSR item by your 80th summon at the latest. This is the “hard pity”.

However, the game implements a 50/50 system for limited banners like The Ultimate Hunter:

  • When summoning an SSR, you have a 50% chance of receiving the featured rate-up item like Choi Jong-In.
  • If you receive any other SSR item, the next time you summon an SSR, it will be the featured rate-up item guaranteed.

For the Selection Draw banner, if you fail to summon one of the four selected 0.15% rate-up SSRs within 80 summons, your rates for those four increase by 25% for the next 80 summons.

The pity counts reset as soon as you receive an SSR character or weapon on either banner.

Tips for Summoning in ARISE

Based on the summoning mechanics, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Save your premium Essence Stones to purchase Special Draw Tickets for limited banners like The Ultimate Hunter.
  • On limited banners with a featured rate-up SSR, go for the guaranteed summon by hitting pity if you don’t mind which SSR you receive.
  • For targeting specific unfeatured SSRs on any banner, the Selection Draw’s rate-up option is better than throwing summons blindly.

Ultimately, managing your resources and being patient for the units you want is key to progressions in Solo Leveling: ARISE’s Gacha system. May the luck of the draws be with you!