Solo Leveling ARISE Major Updates and New Content (May 2024)

Scarletrune |  Published: May 21, 2024

Solo Leveling ARISE unveils major updates and new content for May 2024. This is everything you need to know about the update!

Solo Leveling ARISE, the popular mobile game based on the hit webtoon, has recently released its May Developer Notes, revealing various exciting updates and new content for players to enjoy. We have summarized everything you need to know about the update, check them out!

Solo Leveling ARISE Major Updates and New Content (May 2024)

Solo Leveling ARISE which has already crossed over 20 million downloads, is set to introduce several major additions to the game, including the Battlefield of Chaos, a new Gem system, and the highly-anticipated original character, Alicia Blanche. Here is the complete list of the new content in the upcoming update:

Battlefield of Chaos

Battlefield of Chaos Solo Leveling ARISE

The number one thing coming to Solo Leveling ARISE is the Battlefield of Chaos, a defense-type dungeon where hunters must face off against randomly appearing bosses in consecutive battles.

This challenging content is designed for high-level players who have already conquered Tier 10 Encore Missions and Instance Dungeons. The Battlefield of Chaos promises to deliver a unique and thrilling battle experience, unlike anything else in the game.

All the obtainable rewards through this event are currently unknown but we’ll be able to earn Gems which will be used in a brand new system called “Gem”.


Gems Solo Leveling ARISE

To encourage players to try the Battlefield of Chaos, the developers are adding a new reward system called Gems. These powerful items can be obtained by participating in the Battlefield of Chaos and can be equipped with the newly added Gem system slot.

By unlocking higher levels of Gems, players can significantly boost the strength of Sung Jinwoo, other Hunters, and even Shadows, enabling them to tackle the game’s most difficult challenges.

Alicia Blanche: The Ice Queen Joins the Fray

Alicia Blanche Solo Leveling ARISE

Solo Leveling fans will be thrilled to learn that Alicia Blanche, a beloved original character from the webtoon, will soon be joining the ranks of the Hunters in Solo Leveling ARISE.

Players may have met Alicia in the Hunters Association lobby, but now they can experience her story firsthand. Set in France, Alicia’s journey follows her quest to uncover the truth and face a mysterious enemy.

As a water elemental hunter with potent freezing magic, Alicia is sure to be a valuable addition to any player’s roster.


The developers at Solo Leveling ARISE recognize the importance of social connections in gaming and have set their sights on creating a robust Guild system.

Drawing inspiration from the significance of Guilds in the original Solo Leveling story, the team aims to craft a unique and rewarding Guild experience for players.

By joining a Guild, hunters will be able to form strong bonds with one another, grow together, and earn various benefits based on their collective progress.

Workshop of Brilliant Light

Workshop of Brilliant Light Solo Leveling ARISE

In addition to the Battlefield of Chaos, Solo Leveling ARISE is also preparing to introduce another exciting challenge-based content called the Workshop of Brilliant Light.

In this mode, players will face off against a variety of powerful bosses, with the ability to weaken them through various methods to gain an advantage in battle. A teaser video has been released, showcasing the thrilling gameplay that awaits hunters in the Workshop of Brilliant Light.

Balance Adjustments and Quality-of-Life Improvements

Balance Adjustments and Quality-of-Life Improvements Solo Leveling ARISE

Several hunters, including SSR Min Byung-Gu, SSR Seo Jiwoo, SSR Emma Laurent, SSR Cha Hae-In, SSR Choi Jong-In, SR Park Beom-Shik, SR Song Chiyul, and SR Jo Kyuhwan, are set to receive performance adjustments to ensure a more balanced and diverse gameplay experience. Additionally, weapons such as SSR Vulcan’s Rage and R Lycan Slayer will also undergo balance changes.

Silver Mane Baek Yoonho

  • Developers are enhancing Silver Mane Baek Yoonho‘s endurance for prolonged battles during Extreme Attack: Beast Form.
  • The accuracy and rigidity of his Basic Attacks in Extreme Attack: Beast Form will be improved.

Lee Bora

  • Upcoming changes will allow Phantom Foxes to inherit a portion of Lee Bora’s stats.

Hwang Dongsoo

  • Hwang Dongsoo’s charge skills were fixed so that it’s easier to use now, allowing for more aggressive attacks.

Lim Tae-Gyu

  • Alternating between Shoot and Maneuver and Volley Fire skills are improved.
  • Additionally, his overall damage will be boosted when he is under the effects of the Magic boost status.

Baek Yoonho

  • Baek Yoonho’s overall damage will be boosted.
  • His Damnation (QTE) skill will be adjusted to make landing hits easier at close range.

Woo Jinchul

  • Woo Jinchul’s consistent damage output will be maintained by adding Super Armor to his skills, preventing interruptions.
  • The Cooldown penalty for the Mediation of Power skill will be reduced upon reaching the first advancement, ensuring no cooldown gaps during 3-player tag play.

A Bright Future for Solo Leveling ARISE

A Bright Future for Solo Leveling ARISE

With the Battlefield of Chaos, Gem system, and Alicia Blanche on the horizon, Solo Levelin ARISE is promised to have an exciting future. The developers are also hard at work on implementing the highly-anticipated Guild system and Workshop of Brilliant Light, which will be released as soon as possible.

The overwhelming support from the game’s dedicated playerbase, has made Solo Leveling ARISE to have 20 million downloads. To celebrate this milestone and show the appreciation for the community, the developers have prepared a special 10-day check-in event, offering players daily rewards as they eagerly await the arrival of the new content.