The Best Berengaria Build in Unicorn Overlord – Evade Tank Build

Suki |  Published: April 06, 2024

Discover the best Berengaria build in Unicorn Overlord in this detailed guide. We will explain how to make Berengaria Evade Tank Build here!

In Unicorn Overlord, one character stands out as a true powerhouse – Berengaria, the Dark Marquess. With her impressive stats, captivating design, and formidable combat capabilities, it’s no wonder that Berengaria has become a fan-favorite among players. In this guide, we’ll explore the best Berengaria build – the Evade Tank Build.

The Best Berengaria Build (Evade Tank Build)

best berengaria build unicorn overlord

This setup aims to transform Berengaria into a frontline tank who can dodge almost any attack that comes her way, making her an invaluable asset on the battlefield.

The foundation of this Evade Tank Build lies in Berengaria’s stat allocation. She is set to “Offensive” and “Lucky” to ensure a balance between her physical attack damage and her evasion capabilities.

The beauty of this approach is that Berengaria’s natural defenses become less crucial, as she will be rarely, if ever, getting hit in the first place. A beautiful strategy for a beautiful character.

Evade Tank Berengaria Equipment Setup

best berengaria build unicorn overlord
ATLUS /GameWitted

The key to this build’s success lies in the carefully selected equipment that Berengaria wields. Let’s take a closer look at the items that make this build so effective:

  1. Labris Axe: This powerful axe provides 18 physical attack, 5 initiative, and a 20% guard rate, making it a solid choice for Berengaria’s primary weapon.
  2. Mirage Great Shield: This shield is the true star of the build, offering 3 physical defense, 20% guard rate, a whopping 50% guard efficiency, and a staggering 50 evasion. This item is practically tailor-made for Berengaria, providing an unparalleled boost to her evasion capabilities.
  3. Lapis Pendant: This accessory allows Berengaria to make better use of her Painbringer and Sanguine Pursuit passive abilities, which are integral to this build.
  4. Royal Scarf: An upgraded version of the Silk Scarf, this item grants Berengaria an additional 10 evasion and 2 physical defense, helping to mitigate the damage from those rare true strike attacks that manage to land.

Evade Tank Berengaria Ability Setup

best berengaria build unicorn overlord
ATLUS /GameWitted

Berengaria’s ability set further enhances her role as an Evade Tank. Let’s explore the key abilities that make this build so effective:

  1. Death Spin: This area-of-effect skill targets a row of enemies, dealing damage and stunning them. While not the primary focus of this build, the stun effect can be useful in certain situations.
  2. Carnage: A single-target physical attack with 100 potency, Carnage also inflicts a -1 AP penalty on the target. This ability allows Berengaria to debuff and punish enemies who manage to land a hit on her.
  3. Painbringer: This passive ability grants Berengaria additional attack and AP when she is hit, serving as a backup option in case her evasion fails.
  4. Sanguine Pursuit: This passive skill allows Berengaria to regain AP whenever her allies attack, and even more if the target is afflicted. This synergizes well with her evasive playstyle, ensuring she can continue to dish out damage.

The Squad Composition

best berengaria build unicorn overlord

To complement Berengaria’s Evade Tank Build, the accompanying squad members play a crucial role. The recommended squad consists of a sniper, Nils, and two swordmasters, Alexandra and Gregor.

Nils, the sniper, is equipped with a Flame Bow to apply the Burning affliction, which can further empower Berengaria’s abilities.

Alexandra, the first swordmaster, utilizes a Searing Rapier and has access to Pursuit and Parry, allowing her to follow up on attacks and help keep enemies at bay.

Gregor, the second swordmaster, rounds out the squad with his array of powerful skills, such as Impale, Keen Edge, and Meteor Slash, providing additional damage output and crowd control.

This squad composition capitalizes on Berengaria’s ability to draw enemy attention and evade their attacks, while the other members support her with their own unique strengths.

The Synergy and Potential

best berengaria build unicorn overlord

The Evade Tank Build for Berengaria showcases a remarkable level of synergy.

  • By focusing on evasion and debuffing enemies, Berengaria becomes a formidable frontline presence, absorbing attacks and crippling her opponents.
  • The combination of Painbringer and Sanguine Pursuit ensures that even when Berengaria does take a hit, she can quickly regain her footing and continue her relentless assault.

As Berengaria progresses and acquires new abilities, such as Vicious Torment, which grants her additional passive points when attacking afflicted targets, the build’s potential only grows.

best berengaria build unicorn overlord

The ability to consistently dodge attacks while punishing enemies and restoring her own resources makes Berengaria an invaluable asset in any Unicorn Overlord squad.

Furthermore, the potential to expand this Evade Tank Build into a “Sanguine Vampire” squad, where Berengaria and her allies can thrive on absorbing and draining their enemies’ stamina, presents an intriguing alternative direction for this versatile character.


In conclusion, the Evade Tank Build for Berengaria in Unicorn Overlord is a testament to the depth and creativity of the game’s character customization.

By following this best Berengaria build, you can transform her into a the best, and the most beautiful frontline tank, capable of weathering the storm of enemy attacks and turning the tide of battle in your favor.