The First Descendant: All Characters and Skills Explained

Suki |  Published: May 26, 2024

Learn about all available characters and skills in The First Descendant with our detailed guide. We’ll explain all you need to know.

The First Descendant, the highly anticipated class looter shooter, offers an array of distinct characters with unique skills and playstyles. From tanky defenders to swift assassins, this game caters to every player’s preference. In this guide, we’ll explore each character, their roles, and their skills in The First Descendant.

All Characters and Skills in The First Descendant

The First Descendant is a single-player/multiplayer looter shooter game. There are currently 13 characters in The First Descendant, each with unique skills and playstyles:

  • Ajax
  • Blair
  • Bunny
  • Freyna
  • Gley
  • Jayber
  • Kyle
  • Lepic
  • Sharen
  • Ultimate Lepic
  • Ultimate Viessa
  • Valby
  • Viessa

Now, let’s take a detailed look at all the characters and their skills.

Ajax (Tank Dealer)

the first descendant ajax skills
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A defensive tank with very high defense and shielding abilities. He accumulates void energy to reduce cooldowns and enhance his barrier skills.

Skill NameDescription
Event Horizon (Passive)The ability to store Void Energy during battle.
Orbit BarrierCreates a shield in front of Ajax. Durability increases proportionally to Ajax’s HP and DEF. (If enhanced, reflects damage proportional to DEF to enemies hitting the barrier)
Void WalkLeaps into the air and lands on the ground to strike nearby enemies, stunning them. (If enhanced, Max Shield increases for a certain period of time)
ExpulsionStrikes nearby enemies, knocking them back. (If enhanced, knockback range and Max Shield are increased)
HypercubeCreates a dome-shaped shield. Durability increases proportionally to Ajax’s HP and DEF. (If enhanced, reflects damage proportional to DEF to enemies hitting the barrier)
The First Descendant Ajax Skills

Blair (DoT Dealer)

the first descendant blair skills
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A close-quarters fighter who specializes in fire damage over time. He creates burning zones and has skills to enhance critical damage.

Skill NameDescription
Pitmaster (Passive)Critical Hit Damage increases when attacking enemies in Burn state. Critical Hit Chance increases depending on the number of Stoves in battlefield.
Blaze upSpurts flame to deal damage to nearby enemies and creates Stove. Stove inflicts constant damage and Burn effect to nearby enemies.
ExtinguishRetrieves Stoves in the battlefield and restores Mana. Retrieving Stoves increases DEF for a short period of time.
Burn TasteSpurts flames forward. Enemies near the flames’ arrival point are inflicted with constant damage and Burn effect.
Deadly CuisineThrows a large fireball forward. Large fireball splits into small fireballs causing extra explosion. Explosion damage inflicts Burn effect and creates Stove on the ground.
The First Descendant Blair Skills

Bunny (Nuker)

the first descendant bunny skills
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A hyper-mobile character who builds up electrical power as she moves to fuel burst damage attacks and speed boosts.

Skill NameDescription
Rabbit Foot (Passive)Charges electricity by moving around. Landing on the ground after double jump inflicts damage to nearby enemies.
Thrill BombSummons an Electro Orb to attack nearby enemies and inflict them with Electrocute effect.
Light SpeedingIncreases sprint speed and the amount of Electricity obtained.
Lightning EmissionMoving around deals damage to nearby enemies and inflicts them with Electrocute effect.
Maximum PowerShoots out electricity forward to inflict damage. Damage increases in proportion to skill duration.
The First Descendant Bunny Skills

Freyna (DoT Dealer)

the first descendant freyna skills
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An expert in poison damage over time through creating toxic hazards and inflicting debilitating venoms on enemies.

Skill NameDescription
Unauthorized Bullet (Passive)Damage increases when attacking enemies poisoned by Freyna’s skill.
Toxic TraumaThrows poison to attack target enemy with damage and inflict Room 0 Trauma onto nearby enemies.
Defense MechanismSignificantly increases DEF. There is a chance of inflicting Room 0 Trauma to enemies upon attack.
Decomposed PoisonThrows poison to create a Poison Swamp. Enemies entering the Poison Swamp are inflicted with constant damage and Poisoned Footprints state. When enemies in Poisoned Footprints state walk around, they create footprints that poison other enemies.
Venomous BaptismSwitches gun to Dead Room. Enemies hit by Dead Room are inflicted with Room 0 Trauma.
The First Descendant Freyna Skills

Gley (Utility Dealer)

the first descendant gley skills
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A versatile and dangerous fighter who can enter a frenzied berserk mode for increased damage at the cost of health. She has life steal and sensory abilities.

Skill NameDescription
Thirst (Passive)Defeated enemies drop Life Sphere. Obtaining Life Sphere restores HP and adds a stack of Power of Life.
FrenziedConsumes HP to enter Berserk mode. In Berserk mode, long distance weapon’s ATK and Penetration increase.
Life SiphonDeals damage to nearby enemies and restores HP. In Berserk mode, damage increases; in Normal mode, damage inflicted by enemies decreases for a certain period of time.
Increased SensoryCreates an area with a special effect. In Berserk mode, bullets are not consumed within the area; in Normal mode, HP is restored within the area.
MassacreSwitches gun to Nosferatu. In Berserk mode, skill damage increases; in Normal mode, attacked enemies are stunned.
The First Descendant Gley Skills

Jayber (Utility Dealer)

the first descendant jayber skills
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A support character focused on deploying offensive and healing turrets to aid allies while also providing some DPS himself.

Skill NameDescription
Turret Sync (Passive)ATK increases when the assault turret and medical turret are both summoned.
Assault TurretSummons an assault turret to attack the enemy. If enhanced, it launches attacks into nearby area.
Medical TurretSummons a medical turret to heal allies and distract enemies. If enhanced, it restores Mana.
Multi-Purpose GunChanges gun to a Multi-Purpose Gun. If hit by a Multi-Purpose Gun, the turret enters an enhanced state.
ReactivateRecalls all summoned turrets and inflicts powerful damage to nearby enemies. After using Total Recall, you enter Overhaul state, where turrets are summoned in their enhanced states.
The First Descendant Jayber Skills

Kyle (Tanker)

the first descendant kyle skills
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The ultimate tank with energy shields and magnetic abilities to block and repel incoming projectiles while protecting allies.

Skill NameDescription
Experienced Technician (Passive)Increases Magnetic Force proportional to Max Energy Shield. Once Energy Shield is depleted, gain Magnetic Care (recovers Magnetic Force and Energy Shield at intervals).
Repulsion DashKyle rushes forward and inflicts damage and Knockback on enemies. At the same time recovers some Magnetic Force.
Magnetic BulwarkHe creates a barrier to the front which blocks projectiles and recovers some Magnetic Force upon hit.
Magnetism SpurtUpon usage, Magnetic Force is used before Energy Shield or HP loss. Once Force is depleted, it deals damage to nearby enemies. If ended voluntarily, it will recover Energy Shields of allies in vicinity.
Superconductivity ThrustersKyle can fly for 6 sec, and deal damage to enemies upon collide.
The First Descendant Kyle Skills

Lepic (AoE Dealer)

the first descendant lepic skills
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An explosive expert who excels at area-of-effect damage. His skills include throwing grenades, using a rocket launcher arm, and a life-saving passive ability.

Skill NameDescription
Close Call (Passive)There is a chance of surviving fatal damage during battle.
GrenadeThrows a grenade forward at the enemy. (Extra Burns when Overclock is active.)
OverclockIncreases all Skill ATK and adds a Burn effect to Grenade and Overkill for a set duration.
Traction GrenadeThrows a Traction Grenade forward to pull the enemies within range.
OverkillFires a powerful shell at the enemy. The shell is maintained at the landing point for a set period of time, inflicting constant damage. (Extra Burns when Overclock is active.)
The First Descendant Lepic Skills

Sharen (Close-Range Dealer)

the first descendant sharen skills
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An assassin adept at single-target damage with abilities like camouflage, stuns, and executing multiple slashes from stealth.

Skill NameDescription
Assassinator (Passive)Damage increases when attacking enemy that is not attacking Sharen. Killing enemies with a skill in Ambush state resets cooldown for Active Camouflage.
Cutoff BeamAttacks enemy with electric blade to deal damage and inflict them with Electrocute effect.
Active CamouflageHides from enemies. When attacking or using skills, Active Camouflage state ends immediately, regardless of time remaining. When Active Camouflage state ends, Sharen enters Ambush mode, increasing damage of the next attack.
Impact RoundsLaunches built-in explosives forward from the arm to stun enemies.
Flash ShortswordTargets enemies within aiming range and throws multiple knives to attack them. Knives explode to inflict enemies with damage and Electrocute effect.
The First Descendant Sharen Skills

Valby (AoE Dealer)

the first descendant valby skills
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A water-based attacker who makes puddles that damage foes continuously while debuffing their resistances.

Skill NameDescription
Water Intake (Passive)When using skills while standing on water, she consumes less Mana.
Bubble BulletBounces a Bubble Bullet forward to create a small puddle where the Bubble Bullet impacts and where she stands. Enemies in the small puddle take continuous damage and are inflicted with Laundry.
LaundryValby becomes Liquefied. While Liquefied, she cannot take her feet off of the ground or use skills, but she can move through enemies and her Movement Speed and DEF increase. When moving while Liquefied, she creates a path of water that deals continuous damage to enemies and inflicts Laundry.
Laundry BombChanges the equipped weapon to the Laundry Bomb Launcher. When the Launcher is fired, a Laundry Bomb is created, pulling in enemies inflicted with Laundry and dealing continuous damage.
Plop PlopCreates a large puddle where she is standing, then dives in. Valby then pops out at a selected location in the puddle.
The First Descendant Valby Skills

Viessa (Debuffer)

the first descendant viessa skills
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A mage focused on debuffing enemies with ice and slowing effects. She can freeze opponents, create ice hazards, and enhance her defenses.

Skill NameDescription
Ice Sphere (Passive)Condenses moisture in the atmosphere around the nucleus circling around the body, lowering the temperature.
Frost ShardsFires an exploding Ice Beam, inflicting damage in the area around enemies and inflicting Ice Shackle.
Frost RoadIncreases Running Speed and Shield, and creates Ice Sheets on the ground where Viessa stands. When enemies come into contact with these Ice Sheets, they are inflicted with Ice Shackle.
Cold SnapCreates a snowstorm that explodes over time, inflicting damage and Ice Shackle on enemies caught within.
BlizzardCreates a snowstorm that explodes over time, inflicting damage and Ice Shackle on enemies caught within. (Ice Shackle effect: Increases by 3 stages when hit / Increases by 4 stages if hit by the exploding area)
The First Descendant Viessa Skills

Ultimate Lepic (AoE Dealer)

the first descendant ultimate lepic skills
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Ultimate Lepic is the same as Lepic, but more powerful. His Skills are also the same as the normal Lepic.

Ultimate Viessa (Debuffer)

the first descendant ultimate viessa skills
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Ultimate Viessa is the same as Viessa, but more powerful. Her Skills are also the same as the normal Viessa.