Today’s Connections Hints and Answers 357 (June 2)

ruekuma |  Published: June 02, 2024

Find out the hints and answers to today’s NYT Connections puzzle #357 — June 2, 2024.

Connections is a daily word game designed by the New York Times. This game requires you to find common threads between 16 words by grouping them into four sets of four related words. This guide will help you solve today’s Connections puzzle!

Today’s Connections Hints for June 2

Connections June 2
The New York Times

Before we spill the Category for each group, let’s give you a nudge in the right direction with some hints. These hints may help unravel the connections leading to the answers:

  • People who follow the crowd
  • Ways to gain ownership in a company
  • Major metropolitan areas in the United States
  • Alternative meanings for the word “digs.”
Connections June 2 Hints
The New York Times

If you’re having trouble identifying the categories, here are the four categories to help you get one step closer to the answers:

  • Yellow: Conformists
  • Green: Company Ownership Offers
  • Blue: US Cities
  • Purple: What “Digs” Might Mean

Each Connections group is color-coded according to the difficulty level, with yellow being the easiest to purple, the hardest.

Warning: The following section contains the answers for today’s Connections #357 for June 2, 2024. You can try to solve the Connections first, with the help of the hints above, or carry on at your own risk!

Today’s Connections Answers for June 2

If you’re still struggling to connect the dots, here are the answers for today’s Connections puzzle 357 for June 2:

Connections June 2 Answers
The New York Times
  • Company Ownership Offers: EQUITY, OPTIONS, SHARES, STOCKS

How to Play Connections

Connections presents 16 words that you must arrange into four groups based on their connections or similarities. The groups are color-coded by difficulty level:

  • Yellow (easiest)
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple (hardest).

You get four chances to guess the right groupings correctly. If you make more than four mistakes, the game ends. You can shuffle the board to spot new connections between words.

Tips to tackle the Connections word puzzles

  • Break down words by sounds, meanings, and associations.
  • Look for prefixes, suffixes, rhymes, and other language connections.
  • Start with an easier category first to build momentum.
  • Most importantly, have fun putting those brain cells to work!

If you struggled with any of today’s word connections, don’t beat yourself up. Like Wordle, Connections reset daily with new puzzles to solve. Check back tomorrow for more Connections hints and answers!