Today’s Monopoly GO Event: Memorial Marathon All Rewards (May 27)

Kyuma |  Published: May 27, 2024

Master the Monopoly GO Memorial Marathon event and learn how to earn 3,440 dice and exciting rewards in this guide.

Monopoly GO is hosting a one-day event called Memorial Marathon, offering players the chance to earn a total of 3,440 dice along with various other enticing rewards. This event is perfect for Monopoly GO enthusiasts looking to boost their in-game progress and collect valuable prizes in a short period.

The Memorial Marathon event presents players with 25 objectives to complete, each offering a specific number of points and rewards upon completion. To make the most of this limited-time event, participants will need to strategize and prioritize their efforts.

Monopoly GO Event Memorial Marathon Milestones and Rewards

Monopoly GO Memorial Marathon Event  rewards and milestones
Image Credits: GameWitted

The Memorial Marathon event consists of 25 objectives, each with its own set of points and rewards. The table below outlines the objectives, points, and rewards for each level:

15540 Dice
2401 Star Sticker Pack (x2)
39070 Dice
41305 Minutes Boost
511080 Dice
72002 Star Sticker Pack (x3)
825015 Minutes Boost
92253 Star Sticker Pack (x3)
10275175 Dice
124004 Star Sticker Pack (x4)
13375250 Dice
1550020 Minutes Boost
16600375 Dice
177004 Star Sticker Pack (x4)
19900500 Dice
221,500750 Dice
231,80015 Minutes Boost
252,2001,200 Dice
Monopoly GO Event Memorial Marathon Milestones and Rewards

By completing all 25 objectives, players can earn a total of 3,440 dice, along with various other rewards such as cash, sticker packs, and boosts.

How to Earn Points in the Memorial Marathon Event

Monopoly GO Memorial Marathon Event objectives
Image Credits: GameWitted

In the Memorial Marathon tournament, the only way to earn points is by landing on railroad tiles. The rewards players receive depend on their performance in successful Shutdowns and the prizes they obtain in Bank Heists.

To maximize rewards, it is crucial to maintain a high multiplier throughout the game. This becomes especially important when approaching a railroad tile or a chance tile.

Players should pay special attention to their multiplier if they haven’t received the ‘Send to a Railroad’ card in the last three draws. In such cases, having a high multiplier can significantly boost the rewards earned when landing on these tiles.