V Rising: How to Farm Quartz and Glass

Suki |  Published: June 05, 2024

Learn the best method to farm quartz and glass in V Rising with our detailed guide. We’ll explain all you need to know!

In V Rising, players often face bottlenecks when gathering essential resources like quartz and glass. These materials are crucial for various in-game projects and progression. This guide focuses on efficiently farming quartz and glass in V Rising, highlighting the best location and strategies to maximize your yield.

Best Location to Farm Quartz and Glass

how to farm quartz and glass in v rising
Image Credits: GameWitted

The primary location for farming quartz and glass is Dunley Monastery. This area is rich in quartz veins and offers additional opportunities to collect glass. However, navigating Dunley Monastery requires Holy Resistance Potions due to the holy aura present.

Before heading to Dunley Monastery, ensure you have holy resistance potions. These potions allow you to move freely within the area. Crafting these potions requires scourgestones.

Farming Strategy

how to farm quartz and glass in v rising
Image Credits: GameWitted

Upon entering Dunley Monastery, follow these steps:

  • Clear Enemies: Start by killing any enemies to make your farming less hectic. These enemies can also drop valuable materials, including glass.
  • Search Containers: Open all stone coffin containers, smash every pot, and keep an eye out for hidden chests. These can contain both glass and scourgestones, making future runs easier.
  • Path to Follow: From the entrance, follow the path up to and behind the church. Numerous quartz veins are around the sides and back of the church. Additionally, check the garden/plaza area near the cliffside for more quartz veins.

Even without a worker buff, expect to collect over 600 quartz crystals and between 5-15 glass per run. Repeating this process will ensure a steady supply of both materials.

Optimization Tips

how to farm quartz and glass in v rising
Image Credits: GameWitted
  • Forge Floor: Ensure your furnaces are placed on a forge floor. This setup reduces the cost of crafting one piece of glass from 20 quartz to 15, significantly saving resources over time.
  • PVP Servers: If playing on a PVP server, be aware that this location might see increased player activity, which can lead to more opportunities for loot.


Farming quartz and glass in V Rising can be efficiently done by focusing on Dunley Monastery. With the right preparation and strategy, gathering these essential materials becomes a straightforward task.

Ensure your furnaces are optimized, and keep an eye on player activity if on a PVP server. Following this guide will help you maintain a robust supply of quartz and glass for all your in-game needs.