V Rising: How to Unlock Tailor’s Flooring

Suki |  Published: May 20, 2024

Learn all you need to know on how to unlock Tailor’s Flooring in V Rising with this guide and boost your tailoring efficiency.

In V Rising, Tailor’s Flooring is a crucial component that can significantly reduce the production cost of your tailoring buildings. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to unlock Tailor’s Flooring and maximize your resource efficiency.

How to Unlock Tailor’s Flooring in V Rising

As you progress through V Rising, you’ll need to construct various buildings and workshops to craft essential items. Among these structures are the tailoring stations, which are essential for producing clothing and other fabric-based items.

However, to enhance their efficiency, you’ll need to unlock Tailor’s Flooring.

The Study

v rising tailor's flooring
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The primary method to obtain Tailor’s Flooring is through the Study, which is a building that allows you to research and unlock new technologies. Here’s how to go about it:

The first step is to defeat Maja the Dark Servant, a level 47 V Blood boss located in The Forbidden Tower, at the easternmost point of Dunley Farmlands.

This boss fight can be challenging, as Maja has a variety of attacks and can summon demons to aid her. So it’s best if you prepare yourself with a legendary weapon.

Once you’ve defeated Maja, return to your castle and construct the Study. This building is essential for unlocking new technologies, including Tailor’s Flooring.

At the Study, you can spend Scrolls to unlock random technologies. Each technology costs 75 Scrolls. To make Scrolls, you’ll need to visit the Paper Press and gather the following resources:

  • 8 Paper
  • 4 Coarse Thread

Keep in mind that Tailor’s Flooring is one of over 50 technologies available at the Study, so you may need to be patient and unlock multiple technologies before you get it.

Rural Book Merchant

v rising tailor's flooring
Image Credits: GameWitted

If you’re in a hurry to unlock Tailor’s Flooring, there’s an alternative method: purchasing it from the Rural Book Merchant in Dunley Farmlands. This merchant can be found in the Dunley Farmers Market, located just above the Dunley Farmlands title on the map.

To purchase Tailor’s Flooring from the Rural Book Merchant, you’ll need 64 Silver Coins. However, carrying Silver Coins will damage you, so it’s essential to enter the marketplace in human form and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Benefits of Tailor’s Flooring

Once you’ve unlocked or purchased Tailor’s Flooring, you can place it within an enclosed castle room to benefit from its effects. As long as the tailoring stations (Loom, Tannery, and Tailoring Bench) are in a room with Tailor’s Flooring, their production cost will be reduced by 25%.

To create an enclosed space, you’ll need to place a Castle Entrance, but you don’t necessarily need to add gates to it.


By following these steps, you’ll be able to unlock Tailor’s Flooring in V Rising and significantly boost the efficiency of your tailoring stations. Optimizing your resource management is crucial in this gothic survival game, and Tailor’s Flooring can play a vital role in helping you conserve valuable materials.


  • How to get Workshop Flooring in V Rising?
    • You need to find and defeat the level 27 boss, Grayson the Armorer.
  • How do you unlock the Forge Flooring in V Rising?
    • You need to build a Research Table and then use 50 Paper to get a random recipe or blueprint.