Valorant 8.11 Early Patch Notes: Agent Changes Revealed

Scarletrune |  Published: June 05, 2024

Here is everything we know so far about the agent changes and adjustments coming in Valorant 8.11 early patch notes update.

Riot Games has released early patch notes for the upcoming Valorant 8.11 update, giving players a glimpse of the agent changes in store. Depending on each region, the update that is set to release on June 11th or 12th, 2024, will bring significant buffs, nerfs, and reworks to several key agents.

Valorant 8.11 Early Patch Notes

Before diving into the agent changes, it’s worth noting that Breeze and Split will be rotating out of the map pool, with Haven returning. Additionally, a new map is expected to be revealed during the VCT Masters Shanghai 2024 Grand Finals.

The majority of the 8.11 changes focus on the duelist agents. Riot aims to reduce the dominance of certain duelists in ranked play while making others more viable picks. Let’s break down the changes for each agent:

Iso Buffs

Valorant Iso
Riot Games

Iso is getting several buffs to his Double Tap (E) ability on this patch because he’s underperforming. The goal is to make Iso better at challenging contested spaces and winning opening duels by granting his shield immediately after using his signature ability.

  • Iso now grants himself a shield after a 1-second animation where he can’t use his gun. A sound plays when the shield activates.
  • Charges reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Kill reset added (Iso gets a charge back on 2 kills).
  • Iso receives a Wall Penetration tag instead of Heavy Penetration when his shield breaks, reducing the slow effect.
  • Damage indicator added to show the enemy that broke Iso’s shield.
  • Double Tap can be recast while active to refresh shield duration.

Neon Buffs

Valorant Neon
Riot Games

Neon is getting improved to make her better at mobile fights. Her slide is now more effective in combat and doesn’t cause weapon movement errors. Neon’s Fast Lane (C), High Gear (E), and Relay Bolt (Q) are all being adjusted:

  • Fast Lane dissipates from behind to reduce visual noise. Audio updated to travel with the fading wall.
  • Wall duration reduced from 6s to 4s.
  • Dissolve duration increased from 1s to 2s.
  • High Gear sprint speed increased while strafing.
  • Full fuel regen reduced from 60s to 20s.
  • Slide charges increased from 1 to 2. No weapon error when sliding. Second slide cost is 150.
  • Equip speed out of slide changed to instant with a 0.2s buffer.
  • Relay Bolt charge reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Windup delay decreased from 1.1s to 0.8s.
  • Concuss duration increased from 3s to 3.5s.

Reyna Rework

Valorant Reyna
Riot Games

Reyna is getting both buffs and nerfs on this patch to reshape her kit’s power. The goal is to lessen her dominance in Ranked play, especially at low and mid ranks, while enhancing her value in coordinated team settings.

  • Devour (Q) healing decreased from 100 to 50.
  • Full heal time reduced from 3s to 2s. Overheal armor no longer decays.
  • Dismiss (E) top speed increased. Duration reduced from 2s to 1.5s.
  • Empress (X) no longer has a timer and is permanent until Reyna dies or the round ends.

Raze Nerfs

Valorant Raze
Riot Games

Raze’s Blast Packs (Q) are being toned down on this patch:

  • No longer explode for damage/knockback when destroyed by opponents.
  • Horizontal velocity reduced.
  • Explosion audio updated to be audible from farther away.

Clove Nerfs

Valorant Clove
Riot Games

Clove’s Pick-Me-Up (C) and Not Dead Yet (X) are also being adjusted:

  • Pick-Me-Up cost increased from 100 to 200.
  • Duration reduced from 10s to 8s.
  • Damaging Assist activation time is reduced from 10s to 6s.
  • Not Dead Yet orb cost increased from 7 to 8.
  • Unequip delay increased from 0.7s to 0.8s.

With such impactful changes to duelists, Patch 8.11 is poised to notably shift the Valorant meta. The buffs to Iso and Neon should make them more appealing picks, while the Reyna rework aims to reduce her solo carry potential without gutting her kit. Raze players may need to adjust their playstyle, and Clove’s reduced sustain could open up more counterplay.

As always, it will be exciting to see how these changes play out in both casual and competitive play.

Look out for the full patch notes and get ready to adapt when Valorant Patch 8.11 drops on June 11/12. In the meantime, share your thoughts on these early agent changes! Which ones are you most excited about?