Which Horse Should You Choose in Ghost of Tsushima?

ruekuma |  Published: May 22, 2024

Find out all the horse selections available and which horse you should choose in Ghost of Tsushima with this guide.

Ghost of Tsushima lets you play as Jin Sakai, a skilled warrior trying to free his homeland from the Mongol invasion. During your journey, you’ll get to pick a horse that will accompany you. This article breaks down which horse you should choose in Ghost of Tsushima.

Horse to Choose in Ghost of Tsushima

Which Horse Should You Choose in Ghost of Tsushima
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After finishing the tutorial, you’ll reach the stables and get to choose a horse. The options include:

  • Black horse
  • White horse
  • Spotted (dapple) horse

If you have the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Director’s Cut, you can also pick:

  • Brown horse

Those who pre-ordered the game on Steam or Epic Games Store, or play New Game+, can select:

  • Black and Red horse.

The important thing is that your horse choice is just for appearance. It doesn’t affect the gameplay at all.

All horses have the same speed, stamina, and ability to detect enemies, so you’re on an equal playing field no matter which one you pick.

Which Horse Should You Choose in Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima Horses
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Once you’ve picked your horse’s color, you’ll also get to name it. You can choose from three options:

  • Nobu (meaning “trust”)
  • Sora (“sky”)
  • Kage (“shadow”).

Again, this is just for your preference and doesn’t impact the story or gameplay.

So which horse should you actually choose in Ghost of Tsushima? Since it’s purely an aesthetic choice, just go with the one you like the look of best.

Do you prefer the sleek black coat, the bright white mane, or the unique dappled pattern? It’s totally up to you. Your chosen horse will stay with you throughout your journey across Tsushima as you battle the Mongol forces.

Just remember, once you’ve selected your horse, you can’t change or rename it later. So take a moment to decide which one resonates with you most before making your choice.


While your horse selection is important from an aesthetic standpoint, it won’t fully determine your success in liberating Tsushima.

Pick the horse that captures your heart, and let your friendly companion be a symbol of your unwavering spirit as you journey to protect your homeland. The true test lies in the battles ahead, not in the choice of your horse companion in Ghost of Tsushima.

Choose your best horse with this guide and check out other articles below to help prepare how to start your Ghost of Tsushima journey in the best way possible.