Wuthering Waves: New Yinlin Banner Release Date

Bilal |  Published: June 02, 2024

Learn about the new release date and schedule for Yinlin’s banner in Wuthering Waves. Plan your pulls and get the latest updates here.

In a recent developer notice from Kuro Games, several significant changes were announced for Wuthering Waves, including an updated schedule for the highly anticipated Yinlin banner. This article will cover the new release date and schedule for Yinlin’s banner, which has been moved up due to recent adjustments in the game’s version updates.

New Yinlin Banner Release Date

Wuthering Waves Yinlin Banner Schedule
Kuro Games

Before the announcement, Yinlin’s limited character banner, titled “When Thunder Pours,” was expected to be released on June 12th, 2024. However, with the decision to expedite the release of Version 1.1, named [Thaw of Eons], the duration of Version 1.0 has been shortened. As a result, Yinlin’s banner will now be released earlier than initially planned.

New Schedule for Yinlin’s Banner:

  • Start Date: June 6, 10:00 (UTC+8)
  • End Date: June 26, 11:59 (server time)

This updated schedule means that Yinlin will join the game on Thursday, giving players the opportunity to complete their Calcharo premium team sooner than expected.

Impact on Jiyan’s Banner

The expedited release of Yinlin’s banner has also affected the schedule for Jiyan’s limited banner, “Prevail the Lasting Night.” Originally set to continue until June 12, Jiyan’s banner will now end on June 6th to make way for Yinlin. This unexpected change might be disappointing for players who were still trying to obtain Jiyan but had not yet accumulated enough resources or were experiencing bad luck in their pulls. Players must now decide whether to continue pulling for Jiyan or start saving for future characters.

Should You Pull for Yinlin?

Wuthering Waves Character Yinlin
Kuro Games

For those who have been saving up for Yinlin, this schedule change is likely a welcome surprise, allowing them to acquire this new character sooner. Yinlin is a formidable Electro user who excels in providing off-field utility and significantly boosting the damage of her Electro teammates, making her an excellent addition to any Electro team.

If you are aiming to build a comprehensive Electro team or are seeking a strong sub-DPS unit with substantial utility, Yinlin is an ideal candidate. She complements Calcharo exceptionally well, making her a valuable asset for players focusing on Electro synergy.


The sudden schedule change for Yinlin’s banner release in Wuthering Waves may require players to adjust their plans quickly. With Yinlin’s new banner set to start on June 6, players now have a limited window to make final pulls for Jiyan or save their resources for Yinlin. Given her powerful abilities and synergy with Electro teams, Yinlin is undoubtedly a character worth considering for your roster.