Wuthering Waves Taoqi Build: Skills, Element, Weapon & More

Scarletrune |  Published: May 23, 2024

This is a detailed guide for Taoqi in Wuthering Waves. We provide information on her skills, element, weapon, abilities, and more!

Wuthering Waves has finally been released officially and the game is introducing a roster of captivating characters for players to unlock and master. Among them, Taoqi stands out as a 4-star Havoc element character with cute pink-colored hair. This comprehensive guide will look into Taoqi’s character overview, weapon, skills, and more! Check them out!

Taoqi’s Character Overview

Wuthering Waves Taoqi Character Overview
Kuro Games

Taoqi is a calm and collected individual who serves as the director of border defense at the Ministry of Development in Jinzhou. Despite her seemingly laid-back demeanor, Taoqi proves to be dependable and always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Taoqi is a 4-star character who harnesses the power of the Havoc element in Wuthering Waves. This mysterious element is known for its ability to destroy other forms of matter, making it a powerful force on the battlefield.

Taoqi’s Weapon in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves Taoqi Weapon
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In Wuthering Waves, Taoqi wields the powerful Broadblade weapon, placing her in the same category as Jiyan. As a DPS character, Taoqi boasts a unique mechanic that sets her apart from other characters in the game. Her damage relies on perfect counters and timed dodges, similar to Beidou from Genshin Impact.

Taoqi’s Skills and Abilities

Wuthering Waves Taoqi Skill and Abilities
Kuro Games
Basic AttackDescription
Basic Attack: Concealed EdgeTaoqi performs up to 4 continuous attacks.
Heavy AttackTaoqi consumes Stamina and enters Rocksteady Defense state.
Rocksteady Defense Taoqi’s damage taken is reduced by 35%.
When Taoqi is attacked during Rocksteady Defense, she will cat Strategic Parry.
Mid-Air AttackConsumes Stamina to perform a Mid-Air Plunging Attack
Dodge CounterAfter a successful Dodge, use Basic Attack within a certain time to attack the target.

Taoqi’s kit in Wuthering Waves is designed to showcase her defensive prowess and counter-attacking capabilities. Her skills revolve around generating and consuming Rocksteady Shields, which grant her damage reduction and enable her to perform powerful counter-attacks.

Concealed Edge, Taoqi’s basic attack, allows her to perform up to four continuous strikes, dealing Havoc damage. By consuming stamina, Taoqi can enter the Rocksteady Defense state, significantly reducing incoming damage. While in this state, Taoqi can trigger Strategic Parry when attacked or after a certain duration, unleashing a potent counter-attack.

Resonance SkillDescription
Fortified DefenseTaoqi deals Havoc DMG to surrounding targets, generating 3 Rocksteady Shield and restoring HP
Rocksteady ShieldWhen the on-field character is attacked, 1 Rocksteady Shield is consumed to reduce the damage taken.

Taoqi’s Resonance Skill, Fortified Defense, deals Havoc damage to surrounding enemies while generating Rocksteady Shields and restoring Taoqi’s HP.

Resonance LiberationDescription
UnmovableLaunch an attack based on Taoqi’s DEF on the target.

With her Resonance Liberation, Unmovable, Taoqi launches a DEF-based attack, dealing substantial Havoc damage to her target.

Taoqi emerges as a compelling and powerful character in Wuthering Waves, combining defensive expertise with counter-attacking prowess. Her unique playstyle offers a fresh and engaging experience for players seeking a challenge in the game.

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