XDefiant: All Challenges and How to Complete Them

Suki |  Published: May 22, 2024

Discover all challenges in XDefiant, including the major, base, and daily challenges with this detailed guide.

XDefiant, the latest FPS game by Ubisoft, offers a plethora of challenges to keep players engaged and rewarded. These challenges range from Major Challenges to Base Challenges and Daily Challenges, each with its own set of objectives and rewards. In this guide, we’ll explore all the challenges available in XDefiant and provide you with the necessary information to complete them.

Major Challenge: DedSec

xdefiant major dedsec challenge
Image Credits: GameWitted

The DedSec Major Challenge is a significant undertaking that requires you to collect a total of 700,000 experience points across all game modes. Completing this challenge will unlock the DedSec faction, allowing you to access and play as its characters.

Base Challenges: Weapons

xdefiant base weapon challenges
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Base Challenges are focused on unlocking various weapons in the game. Here’s a table listing the challenges and their respective requirements:

AK-47Deal 4,000 damage with Assault Rifles
ACR 6.8Get 10 Assault Rifle longshot kills (>30m)
M16A4Get 20 Assault Rifle headshot kills
P90Get 10 SMG hipfire kills
Vector .45 ACPDeal 10,000 damage with SMGs
MP7Get 20 SMG point-blank kills (<5m)
M60Deal 5,000 damage to enemy equipment with LMGs
RPK-74Deal 10,000 damage with LMGs
Double Barrel ShotgunGet 10 Shotgun hipfire kills
AA-12Get 15 shotgun point-blank kills (<5m)
SVDGet 15 Marksman Rifle longshot kills (>30m)
TAC-50Get 10 Sniper Rifle one-shot kills
93RSprint 240 seconds with secondary weapons
D50Deal 1,000 damage with secondary weapons
M1911Get four secondary weapon point-blank kills (<5m)
686 MagnumGet five quick-swap kills
XDefiant Weapon Challenges

Base Challenges: Devices

xdefiant base device challenges
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XDefiant also offers challenges to unlock various devices, such as grenades and mines. Here’s a table listing the challenges and their respective requirements:

EMP GrenadeDeal 400 damage to enemy equipment with Devices
Proximity MineDeal 1,000 damage with Devices
FlashbangKill 20 enemies suffering from status conditions
Sticky GrenadeInflict 25 status conditions with devices
XDefiant Device Challenges

Base Challenges: Faction Characters

xdefiant faction character challenges
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In XDefiant, you can unlock eight different characters by completing specific challenges. Each character belongs to a different faction and possesses unique abilities. Here’s a table listing the challenges and their respective requirements:

GreenGet 50 kills with the Incinerator Drone
KerseyGet 50 kills with Firebombs
SamirGet 100 kills while using Digital Ghillie Suit
RafaGet 50 intel suit spot assists
BetoHeal 5,000 to allies with BioVida boost
SelesteHeal 5,000 to allies with El Remedio
GorgonBlock 10,000 damage with Mag Barrier
RhinoGet 25 kills with Blitz Shield
XDefiant Character Challenges

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges in XDefiant are quests that rotate every day, providing you with additional opportunities to earn experience points. These challenges can range from blocking a certain amount of damage to killing a specific number of enemies with a particular weapon.


XDefiant offers a diverse range of challenges that cater to players of all skill levels and playstyles. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, this guide will help you navigate through the various challenges and unlock exciting rewards. Keep grinding and have fun completing these challenges!