XDefiant Year 1 Roadmap Explained

Suki |  Published: May 27, 2024

Explore the XDefiant Year 1 Roadmap with new Factions, weapons, maps, and more in this detailed guide.

FPS game fans around the world have been reveling in the excitement of XDefiant since its official launch. Adding further to the thrill, Ubisoft has unveiled the Year 1 Roadmap, offering a glimpse of the new content set to arrive in the upcoming seasons. This article will provide you with the complete XDefiant Year 1 Roadmap.

XDefiant Year 1 Roadmap Overview

xdefiant year 1 roadmap

XDefiant’s inaugural year promises a wealth of new additions, including four seasons, each introducing a unique Faction, three new weapons, three maps, and a 90-tier Battle Pass brimming with cosmetic rewards.

The roadmap outlines the following seasons:

SeasonFactionWeaponsMapsBattle PassRelease Date
Season 1Ruby3390-tier2 July, 2024
Season 2Buzz3390-tierTBD
Season 3Orchard3390-tierTBD
Season 4Horde3390-tierTBD
XDefiant Year 1 Roadmap

New Factions and Their Influences

xdefiant year 1 roadmap

While details about the upcoming Factions remain scarce, Ubisoft has hinted that each will draw inspiration from one of their popular franchises. Fans can speculate whether they might encounter a Rainbow Six Siege or Assassin’s Creed-inspired Faction in the coming seasons.

Fresh Maps and Weapons

xdefiant year 1 roadmap

In addition to the new Factions, XDefiant will receive a steady stream of new maps and weapons throughout the year. The maps are promised to be influenced by locations from Ubisoft’s iconic franchises, while the weapons will likely consist of modern firearms familiar to FPS enthusiasts.

Exciting New Modes and Features

xdefiant year 1 roadmap

Beyond the seasonal content, XDefiant’s first year will introduce several highly anticipated game modes and features. These include a Ranked mode, Private matches, caster cams, Arena and Progression modes, Practice Zones for newcomers, and ongoing efforts to maintain fair competition.


With a wealth of new content on the horizon, XDefiant’s Year 1 Roadmap promises to be an exhilarating journey for both newcomers and seasoned FPS players alike. Stay tuned for more updates as Ubisoft unveils further details about the upcoming Factions, maps, and gameplay innovations.