Battle Crush Lops: Stats, Abilities, and How to Play

Kyuma |  Published: June 28, 2024

Discover Lops’ powerful abilities, optimal strategies, and key stats in Battle Crush. Learn how to dominate with this Calixer.

Battle Crush brings a diverse cast of characters to the arena, each with their own unique playstyle. Among these, Lops stands out as a formidable hammer-wielding hero with a mix of powerful strikes and surprising mobility.

This guide will break down Lops’ abilities, stats, and strategies to help you crush the competition.

Lops Stats

Lops Stats
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Attack Power☆☆☆
Combat Support
Crowd Control☆☆
Control Difficulty☆☆
HPHP – 800
HP Recovery per tick 5
Movement Speed4.6 m/s
3.0 m/s (Swimming)

Lops Abilities

AbilityAction DetailsDetails and Stats
Light AttackStrike 1: Gently Strikes the hammer downDamage: 70
Strike 2: Strikes the Hammer downDamage: 70
Strike 3: Performs a flip and shams the hammer down with great force.Damage: 160
Status Effect: Thrown
Aerial Attack: Cause a shockwave with the force of your full weight.
Use the rebound to bounce up and slam hammer down.
If you are locked onto a target fall toward the target.
Strike Damage 1: 40
Strike Damage 2: 100
DodgeRolls Forward
When using a Light Attack after Dodge – Bounce up while rolling and slam down with your behindStrike 1 Damage – 10
Strike 2 Damage – 90
Heavy AttackCharge up your hammer’s energy.

Energy can be charged up to three times.

Heavy Attack stage 1: Broadly swing the hammer.

Heavy Attack Stage 2: Jumps up in front and slams the hammer down.

Heavy Attack Stage 3: Roll forward and slam your hammer down.
Charge Stage 2: Damage Reduction

Charge Stage 3: Super Armor

Heavy Attack Stage 1: Damage = 120, Effect = Thrown

Heavy Attack Stage 2:
Damage = 180, Effect = Damage Reduction

Heavy Attack stage 3: Damage = 180, Effect = Super Armor
UltimateUse the energy gathered in the hammer to slam the ground.Stage 1: Damage = 190, Effect = Stun

Stage 2: Damage = 190, Effect = Thrown

Stage 3: Damage = 190, Effect = Thrown
SpecialDrops an item from your bag. (Bag Item Chance):

– Apple 40% (Recover 20% HP)

– Golden Apple 20% (Recovers 40% HP)

– Bomb 40% (Damage = 240, Effect = Thrown)

How to Play Lops in Battle Crush

How to Play Lops in Battle Crush
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Mastering Lops requires understanding the hero’s strengths and utilizing their abilities effectively:

  1. Aggressive Approach: Use Lops’ high mobility to close the gap and unleash powerful hammer strikes.
  2. Combo Mastery: Practice chaining light attacks, especially the third strike which deals massive damage and throws opponents.
  3. Strategic Dodging: Time dodges to avoid incoming attacks and follow up with the unique bounce-slam combo.
  4. Charge Management: Learn when to fully charge heavy attacks for maximum damage and when quick strikes are more beneficial.
  5. Ultimate Timing: Save the ultimate for critical moments, such as disrupting enemy formations or securing objectives.

Lops excels in both offensive and defensive play. The high mobility allows for quick repositioning, while the powerful hammer strikes can punish out-of-position enemies. Use the variety of crowd control effects to set up opportunities for teammates or to escape unfavorable situations.