How to Get Still Hunt Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2 Final Shape

Kyuma |  Published: June 05, 2024

Discover how to get the exotic Still Hunt sniper rifle in Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion. Learn about its unique perks and traits.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion has finally arrived bringing new content for Guardians to explore. One of the exciting additions is the exotic Still Hunt sniper rifle. This weapon turns into a Golden Gun after landing precision hits. It could be one of the best DPS exotics in the game.

How to Get the Still Hunt Sniper Rifle

How to Get the Still Hunt Sniper Rifle
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To unlock the Still Hunt sniper rifle, players first need to complete The Final Shape campaign. After finishing the campaign, an exotic quest called Destined Heroes becomes available. This quest eventually leads to obtaining the Ergo Sum exotic special ammo sword. However, the first part of Destined Heroes must be done to progress towards the Still Hunt.

The first step is to complete the Queen’s Part One mission. Then speak to Cayde-6 who will give out another exotic quest called Wild Card. Bungie recommends completing Wild Card to prepare for the day one Final Shape raid and have the best story experience.

How to Complete the Wild Card Quest in Destiny 2

How to Complete the Wild Card Quest in Destiny 2
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Once the Wild Card quest is acquired from Cayde-6, head to the specified social space area. Drop down and interact with the Wild Card exotic mission. Upon loading in, inspect the area and notice glowing Shanks moving above. Investigate the ground in a few spots. A sparrow can be used to get around faster.

At the third investigated spot, make camp by interacting with the ground and putting down a tent. Next, travel to the indicated map section to battle many Screeb. Continue following the quest markers to fight more enemies and investigate using a Ghost.

Rally at the banner to refill ammo and prepare for a boss fight against a yellow wolf-like Beast. As it takes damage, the boss will become immune and retreat into a protected shield. Enter the shield, clear out the Cabal, and then resume damaging the boss until it is defeated.

Return to Camp

How to Complete the Wild Card Quest in Destiny 2 (1)
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After killing the boss, return to the campsite and interact with ether. Engage in dialogue then sleep in the tent. Upon waking, destroy blights by killing the surrounding enemies. The blights will vanish once all nearby foes are eliminated. Return to camp once more and rest again.

In the morning, go to the indicated cave opening and venture inside. After a loading screen, investigate a fallen body. While remaining inside the area boundaries, shoot distant Shanks which will cause more to appear. Once enough are killed, a big boss Shank will approach. Defeat it then interact with the back of the cave to reach another loading screen leading back to camp.

Interact with the campfire and listen to dialogue. Then track an energy signature to begin a new mission phase. After being teleported, progress through the area and into a cave filled with Screebs. Activate the rally flag and interact with the object to investigate.

The Final Boss

How to Complete the Wild Card Quest in Destiny 2 (2)
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A boss will spawn but become immune after losing one-third health and flee. Killing the Screeb that appear can cause them to drop Motes of tainted dark ether. Collect 10 motes and deposit them in the object interacted with earlier to make the boss return vulnerable. Repeat this cycle of depleting the boss’s health, gathering motes, and drawing the boss out two more times to defeat it and view a cutscene.

Listen to additional dialogue then return to the social space in the Pale Heart lost city. Interact with a radio and speak to Cayde-6 one last time to receive the Still Hunt exotic sniper rifle as a reward for completing the quest.

Still Hunt Perks and Traits

The Still Hunt sniper rifle has some notable perks:

  • Cayde’s Retribution Intrinsic Trait – Picking up Orbs of Power or landing precision hits charges the weapon’s Super bar. When full, reloading unleashes multiple Golden Gun shots.
  • Sharpshooter Trait – Grants passive boosts to target acquisition, aim down sights speed, and flinch resistance. This bonus increases when the Still Hunt’s super mode is active.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape has many weapons to chase and the Still Hunt exotic sniper rifle is definitely one to acquire. Follow the steps outlined above to unlock it and add this powerful gun to your arsenal.