Is Destiny 2 Down? How to Check Server Status?

Kyuma |  Published: June 03, 2024

Discover how to check the Destiny 2 server status and find out if the game is down for maintenance or experiencing connectivity issues.

Destiny 2 is a popular online game that requires a stable connection to the game servers. Sometimes, players may encounter difficulties logging in or experience connectivity issues.

This guide will help players check the Destiny 2 server status and determine if the game is down for maintenance or experiencing other problems.

How to Check if Destiny 2 is Down?

How to Check if Destiny 2 is Down
Image Credits: Steam

The first place to check the Destiny 2 server status is Bungie’s official “Destiny Server and Update Status” page on their help website. This page provides information about upcoming and current server maintenance schedules. Server maintenance is a regular occurrence in Destiny 2 and usually happens every week or so.

Major patches, updates, or fixes may also require the game to be taken offline. While the maintenance times on the page may not always be exact, they should give players an idea of when the maintenance is expected to begin and end on a given day.

Stay Updated on X (formerly Twitter)

If there is no information about server issues on the official status page, there might be a sudden problem or random outage. In such cases, players should visit X (formerly Twitter) and check the @BungieHelp or @Destiny2Team accounts. These accounts post and share almost all issues related to the game, including weapon disables due to exploits, planned or unplanned server maintenance, connection errors, and extended periods of an unplayable game.

Use Destiny 2’s Down Detector Page

Another useful resource for checking the Destiny 2 server status is the Down Detector website. This website reports when servers are down for various services, including Destiny 2. The Destiny 2 Down Detector page displays the most reported problems, which typically involve server connections and login issues.

If there is a significant spike in reported outages on the Down Detector page, it likely indicates ongoing maintenance or a serious server issue on Bungie’s end. Down Detector is often the first place to look for sudden issues, as developers may take some time to officially address the problems on their social media accounts.