Fortnite Leaks: Fall Guys Crossover Release Date

ruekuma |  Published: May 23, 2024

New leaks suggest the Fortnite x Fall Guys crossover event could launch on June 17th with new gameplay and cosmetics. Check out the details here!

According to recent leaks, the Fortnite x Fall Guys crossover event may launch in June 2024, bringing fresh content to the popular battle royale game. This article breaks down the recent leaks on the Fortnite x Fall Guys crossover’s release date.

Leaks Reveal Fortnite and Fall Guys Crossover Release Date

Fortnite Fall Guys Leaks

While an official announcement is still pending, leakers claim the Fall Guys crossover event will launch in Fortnite on June 17th.

It’s unclear if this event will include the new Fall Guys-inspired game modes or just cosmetic content. But if it has the new modes, that content is arriving way faster than first planned.

What to Expect from Fortnite x Fall Guys Crossover

Fortnite Leaks

The details of the Fortnite x Fall Guys crossover event are still a bit of a mystery. However, leaks hint that players can expect a new Fall Guys-inspired mini-game within Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

Rumors say this mini-game could feature an obstacle course just like the challenges in Fall Guys, with players possibly facing off against pesky Pegwin creatures.

Plus, there’s talk of adding Fall Guys-themed items like trampolines and obstacles to Fortnite’s Creative Mode. This could let players make their own unique experiences inspired by the beloved Fall Guys gameplay.

Exclusive Cosmetics On the Way?

Leakers hint that cosmetics you earned in the original Fall Guys game may carry over and be usable within Fortnite after this crossover begins. Fans are excited about finally flaunting their hard-earned Fall Guys skins and accessories in a new setting.

The potential Fortnite x Fall Guys crossover has been a hot topic since a sneaky trailer hinted at the partnership back in March. Gamers worldwide have been eagerly waiting for more details about this interesting team-up, and the recent June 17th release date leak has only fueled the excitement further.

While we await official word from Epic Games, there’s so much to anticipate for the Fortnite x Fall Guys crossover event. Stay tuned for updates and check out other articles on leaked collabs that are set to bring to Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.