All Iki Island Haiku Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

ruekuma |  Published: May 21, 2024

Discover where to find all haiku locations on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima Director and unlock unique headband rewards.

The Iki Island expansion in Ghost of Tsushima added several new collectibles to discover, including traditional haiku poems. While exploring the new region, you’ll come across platforms where Jin can sit and reflect through haiku.

This guide reveals the locations of every Haiku of Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima.

Iki Island Haiku Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

There are three main collectible haikus found across Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima, each providing a unique headband reward.

The fourth story haiku unlocks automatically at the end of the story.

Waterfall Haiku

Iki Island Waterfall Haiku Ghost of Tsushima
Sucker Punch Productions

Travel to the northwestern area of the island, north of Kitsune’s Pond.

In Lone Spirit Falls, locate the large rock formations in the center of the waterfalls. The haiku platform rests here, overlooking the serene waters.

Reward: Headband of Solace

Mountainside Haiku

Iki Island Mountainside Haiku Ghost of Tsushima
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This scenic spot lies in the northeast near Mount Takenotsuji’s cliffs.

Head south from Thunderhead Cliffs and west from Barrier Cove to find the small mountainside overlooking the eastern shore. Interact with the haiku mat here.

Reward: Headband of Acceptance

Wisteria Haiku

Iki Island Wisteria Haiku Ghost of Tsushima
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In the southern region’s Senjo Gorge, a vibrant wisteria forest blooms with purple flowers.

The gorge lies west of Cloud Forest Temple, north of Buddha’s Footprint, and east of Smugglerwood. Use the grappling hook to reach the isolated haiku platform amidst the flourishing trees.

Reward: Headband of Regret

Story Haiku

The fourth and final haiku sequence triggers at the end of Iki Island’s narrative, after defeating the last story boss. Unlike the collectibles, this haiku cutscene plays out automatically without needing to find a specific location.

By discovering all four Iki Island haiku locations with this guide, you’ll earn the “Well-Rounded Warrior” trophy in Ghost of Tsushima. The collectible haiku headbands offer creative visual flair while reflecting on Jin’s journey across Ghost of Tsushima territories.