All Klown Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Scarletrune |  Published: June 06, 2024

In this detailed guide, you will find out all the Klown challenges you need to tackle in Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

In the multiplayer game Killer Klowns From Outer Space, you can step into the oversized shoes of the alien Klown invaders. To fully embrace being the Klown and catching humans in the game, there are numerous challenges to complete across various categories. Let’s look into all the Klown challenges and how to master them!

All Klown Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

In Killer Klowns from Outer Space, there are more than a hundred challenges available for you to complete. After getting into details on what the Human challenges are, now we are going to look at all the Klown challenges. Here is the complete list:

Klown Basics

Klown Basics Klown Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Klown Basics challenges introduce players to the core gameplay mechanics of the Klowns. Completing these challenges rewards players with cosmetic items and emotes, setting the stage for more advanced challenges in the game.

Cocoon 5 HumansBlue Jumbo’s Hair
Kill 10 HumansJumbo’s Jumpsuit Yellow Tint
Hook Up 25 Cocoons to Lackey GeneratorsOrange Swirl Jumbo’s Shoes
Execute 3 KlowntalitiesPie Barrage Klowntality
Claim Victory in 3 InvasionsDing Dong Pizza! Klowntality
Help Fully Upgrade 5 Lacky Generators“I See You!” Emote
Add 300 Cotton Candy to Objective Interactions“Robot Mannequin” Emote
Destroy 5 NoisemakersHot Pink Eye Tint

Rowdy Ranger

Rowdy Ranger Klown Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

In the Rowdy Ranger category, you must use the Ranger Klown type to kill humans with the mallet, lure them with the Hypnotic Lure trick, and other stuff.

As a Ranger Klown Type, Kill 10 Humans with the MalletFringed Spikes Hair
Lure 10 Humans with the Hypnotic LureInkblot Mask Eyeshadow
Stun Humans 20 Times with the Mallet Secondary Charge AttackBelted Bonanza Jumpsuit
Cocoon 10 Humans with the Standard RaygunBirthday Collar
Hook up 25 Cocoons to Lackey GeneratorsGreen and Purple Jumbo’s Jumpsuit Tint
Spawn 10 Lackeys from Generators You’ve Hooked a Cocoon to Pink Squares Shoes Tint

Dialed In Tracker

Dialed In Tracker Klown Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Dialed-In Tracker challenges emphasize the importance of tracking and coordination with teammates.

As a Tracker Klown Type, Pull 3 Humans from Hiding SpotsFringed Spikes Hair
Kill 5 Popcorn Tracked HumansRaised Blag Brows Eyeshadow
Cocoon 5 Popcorn tracked humans Star Power Jumpsuit
Get 10 Tracked Kill AssistsMint Muffin Collar
Down 10 Humans with the Popcorn BazookaSpikey’s Spacesuit Tint in Pink, Green, and Yellow Squares
Cocoon 10 Humans Using the Gigaray Rainbow and Yellow Shoes Tint

Trapper’s Delight

Trapper's Delight Klown Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

These challenges showcase the Trapper’s ability to immobilize and overwhelm survivors in the game.

As a Trapper Klown Type, Trap 10 Players with Baby KlownsPoofy Prestige Hair
Down 15 Humans Using the Jawbreaker MaceStolen Emerald Eyes Eyeshadow
Hit 10 Humans Using the Jawbreaker Mace Secondary AttackWild Child Jumpsuit
Down 3 Humans Trapped by Baby KlownsMinty Pendant Collar
Stun Humans 10 Times with Melee WeaponsRudy’s Yellow Swirlies Jumpsuit Tint
Cocoon 15 Players Using the Cotton Candy PentashotRudy’s Purple Stripes Kloggs Tint

Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Hunting Grounds challenges encourage a proactive and aggressive playstyle, sowing terror among the human survivors.

Pull 5 Humans from Hiding SpotsOrange and Gold Jumbo’s Collar Tint
Kill 30 Humans with Melee WeaponsSpikey’s Blue Hair Tint
Stun Humans 50 TimesSpikey’s Blue Geometric Spacesuit Tint
Destroy 25 NoisemakersSpikey’s Yellow and Green Shoes Tint
Destroy 5 Locked DoorsRudy’s Rainbow Stars Jumpsuit Tint
Hit Humans Interacting with Escape Objectives 10 TimesPuppet Theater Klowntality

Turbo Tank

Trapper's Delight Klown Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Turbo Tank category highlights the Tank’s durability and crowd-control capabilities in Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

As a Tank Klown Type, Hit 8 Humans with Thrown CocoonsGrassy Hair
Down 5 Humans with the Gobstopper Flail’s Secondary AttackMean Masked Bandit Eyeshadow
Allow Humans to Break 10 Melle Weapons Hitting YouFrazzle Dazzle Jumpsuit
Achieve a Victory without Getting Killed 2 TimesRolling Tube Collar
Run into 10 Humans While Driving the Invisible CarChubby’s Green and Purple Swirls Bodysuit Tint
Hit Multiple Humans in One Shot with the Laser Beamer 3 TimesChubby’s Pink Shoes Tint

Brawling Good Fun

Brawling Good Fun Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Brawling Good Fun emphasizes the Brawler’s reiliene and close quarters combat proficiency.

As a Brawler Klown type, Knock 5 Human Blocks OffMessy Monster Hair
Get Up from Being Downed 5 TimesFlared Eyeshadow
Kill 30 Humans with the Boxing GlovesMemphis Mayhem Jumpsuit
Cocoon 15 Humans with the BouncecasterSpiked Collar
Stun 10 Players Jumping Out of the Pizza BoxShorty’s Onesie Purple Diamond Tint 
Finish Off 5 Humans that Other Klowns Have Knocked DownShorty’s Blue Shoes Tint

Harvesting Machine

Harvesting Machine Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

In the Harvesting Machine category, players must focus on resource management and teamwork to fuel the Klown invasion. These tasks are also a bit more specific than the others, like when you need to cocoon humans that have Lackeys grabbing them:

Hook Up 30 Stray Cocoons to Lackey GeneratorsJumbo’s Purple Stripes Shoes Tint
Trigger Klownpocalypse Early 3 TimesSpikey’s Lime Green with Purple Border Collar Tint
Cocoon 30 Humans with the Standard RaygunRudy’s Shoes Yellow Argyle Tint
Cocoon 3 Humans that Have Lackeys Grabbing ThemChubby’s Blue Hair Tint
Cover Objectives with 5,000 Cotton CandyChubby’s Dark Pink Shoes Tint
Help Others Hook Up 25 CocoonsBlock Knocker Klowntality

Killer Klown

Killer Klown Klown Challenges in Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Killer Klown challenges represent the pinnacle of Klown brutality and efficiency, rewarding you with unique Klowntalities.

Kill 100 HumansRudy’s Rainbow Shoes Tint
Kill 15 Humans Nearby Escape ObjectivesRudy’s Pink Hair Tint
Deal 5,000 Damage to Humans with Melee WeaponsChubby’s Purple With Pink and Green Lines Jumpsuit Tint
Get 25 Klownpocalypse KillsOrange Measured Mullet Tint
Kill 10 Resurrected HumansShorty’s Purple And Pink Stripes Shoes Tint
Kill 10 Poppcorn Tracked HumansHand Buzzer Klowntality

Elite Klown

Finally, the Elite Klown challenges are unlocked once all other categories have been completed. These represent the ultimate test of your mastery over the Klowns, requiring a combination of all the skills and tactics learned throughout the other challenges.

Mastering all the Klown challenges in Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game is a thrilling and rewarding journey. By conquering each category and Klown type, you will be able to unlock many new cosmetic rewards! So put on your red nose, grab your cotton candy gun, and show those humans the true meaning of cosmic horror!