Honkai Star Rail Leaks: Sunday’s New Appearance Revealed

Suki |  Published: July 10, 2024

Leaked details reveal Sunday’s new appearance in Honkai Star Rail. Let’s discover everything you need to know here!

Recently, Honkai Star Rail leaks hint at a major makeover for a fan-favorite character. Sunday, the head of the Oak Family is getting a new appearance for his playable debut.

Honkai Star Rail Sunday New Appearance Leaked

honkai star rail sunday model
Reddit @SundayMainsHSR

For those new to Penacony, Sunday is a key figure in Honkai Star Rail’s story. Players meet him early on and he plays a big role throughout the Penacony storyline. He’s also a tough boss fight for players to tackle.

According to the latest leaks by a credible dataminer, Seele Leaks, Sunday’s look is getting a big update. His new outfit sounds pretty eye-catching:

  • A multi-colored coat with white and gold on one side and blue and white on the other
  • A short gold cape for some extra flair
  • Black gloves and dark blue boots
  • A new badge on his collar

It’s quite a change from his current look in the game.

When Can We Expect Sunday?

honkai star rail sunday new look leaks

While nothing’s set in stone yet, rumors point to Sunday joining the playable roster in Version 2.7. That’s still a ways off, but it gives players something to look forward to.

What is Sunday’s Playstyle?

Past leaks have given us some hints about Sunday’s potential playstyle:

  • Element: Imaginary
  • Path: Harmony

This combo would put him in the same category as the newest version of the Trailblazer. It’ll be interesting to see how Sunday’s skills compare.

What’s Next for Honkai Star Rail?

honkai star rail jiaoqiu

While we wait for Sunday, the game isn’t slowing down. Version 2.4 is bringing some exciting additions:

  • Two new 5-star characters: Jiaoqiu and Yunli
  • A new version of March 7th switching to the Hunt Path


Sunday’s rumored makeover shows how Honkai Star Rail keeps evolving. The game is always introducing new characters and giving familiar faces fresh updates. It keeps things exciting for longtime players and gives newcomers reasons to jump in.

Remember, these are still leaks and rumors. The final version of Sunday might be different. But it’s fun to speculate and get hyped for what’s coming to Honkai Star Rail.


  • Who is the strongest character in Honkai Star Rail?
    • Currently, the strongest character in HSR is Dan Heng’s dragon form Imbibitor Lunae.
  • Who is the canon main character in Honkai Star Rail?
    • The Trailblazer is the main character in Honkai Star Rail.
  • Who is the antagonist in Honkai Star Rail?
    • The primary antagonist of HSR is Nanook.