How to Assign Workers in Manor Lords

Suki |  Published: April 27, 2024

Learn how to efficiently assign and manage workers in Manor Lords.

In Manor Lords, the key to building a thriving village lies in effectively managing your workers. These hardworking families form the backbone of your settlement’s prosperity. This guide will provide valuable insights into how to assign workers to various tasks, ensuring your village runs smoothly and efficiently.

How to Assign Workers in Manor Lords

manor lords how to assign workers
Slavic Magic

As your village expands, you’ll need to assign new families to handle different responsibilities. Clicking the plus sign on a workplace, such as a farmhouse or logging camp, allows you to assign workers to that job.

However, if no unassigned families remain, a radar icon will appear, indicating that future families will be automatically assigned to that location.

While assigned families focus on their designated tasks, unassigned families play a crucial role in construction. When you place a new building or burgage plot, these families will prioritize its construction, ensuring your expansion plans progress smoothly. Maintaining a few unassigned families can accelerate your village’s growth.

Prioritizing Food Production

manor lords how to assign workers
Slavic Magic

One of the most critical aspects of managing workers is ensuring a steady food supply. At the start of the game, consider building a Forager Hut and Hunting Camp to gather berries and hunt for sustenance.

As your village grows, transition to a farmhouse and allocate several families to tend the fields, ensuring a stable food source.

Balancing the Workforce

Effective worker management involves striking the right balance between various tasks. Avoid creating too many burgage plots if your resources are already stretched thin. Instead, assess your current workforce distribution and consider reallocating workers from non-essential tasks to address pressing needs.

The Militia and Worker Availability

manor lords how to assign workers
Slavic Magic

When sending your militia into battle, remember that the men in your village will be called upon to fight.

If casualties occur, you may lose valuable workers. To prevent disruptions, avoid sending all troops from a territory simultaneously, especially if the battle appears challenging.


By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to building a self-sufficient, thriving village in Manor Lords. Effective worker management is the key to unlocking your settlement’s true potential, so prioritize their assignment and ensure a balanced workforce.


  • Is Manor Lords made by one person?
    • Yes, Manor Lords was made by Greg Styczeń from Slavic Magic and published by Hooded Horse.
  • What to build first Manor Lords?
    • Houses, Logging Camp, Forager Hut, and Hunting Camp.