How to Craft Items from Inventory Chests in Soulmask

ruekuma |  Published: June 04, 2024

Learn how to craft items from inventory chests in Soulmask efficiently. This guide covers instructions for the crafting process and more.

One of the essential skills to master in Soulmask is knowing how to craft items from the inventory chests. This can efficiently help you leverage available resources in Soulmask.

This guide will show you how to use inventory chests to craft items in Soulmask.

How to Craft Items from Inventory Chests in Soulmask

Tanning Fluid Soulmask Item
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Unlike many other games where crafting is done at a bench and items magically appear, Soulmask requires a more realistic approach.

The following steps will help you understand how to navigate the process:

Understanding the Crafting Bench

The crafting bench in Soulmask is where all the magic happens. To start crafting, you need to ensure the necessary resources are available in the inventory chests.

For instance, to make tanning fluid, you need water, vine, and tree bark. These resources should be stored in nearby chests for easy access.

Depositing Resources into Chests

Before starting the crafting process, ensure that all required resources are in the inventory chests.

For example, if a vine is needed for crafting, deposit it into the appropriate chest. This step is crucial for the caretaker to access the items.

Initiating the Crafting Process

Tanning Fluid Soulmask Item
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Once you are ready, follow these steps to craft items in Soulmask:

  • Walk up to the crafting bench and press ‘D’ on the desired item.
  • For instance, select ‘tanning fluid’ and specify the quantity, such as 100 units.
  • Move this task to the top of the queue.
  • The system will then indicate that a caretaker is needed to begin the crafting process.

Role of the Caretaker in Soulmask Crafting Process

How to Craft Items from Inventory Chests in Soulmask
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The caretaker plays a pivotal role in Soulmask’s crafting system.

Once a task is queued, the caretaker will fetch the required resources from the inventory chests and place them on the crafting bench.

If the caretaker seems delayed, they might be occupied with another task. You can check the caretaker’s current activity and, if necessary, pause and restart their work by pressing the space bar to prioritize the crafting task.

Monitoring and Managing Crafting

After the caretaker places the resources on the bench, they will start to craft any desired items in Soulmask.

Once the crafting is complete, the items will be automatically placed back into the inventory chest, provided the option is unchecked.

This automated return ensures that your crafted items are stored safely without additional manual intervention.

Craft Various Items in Soulmask

This method applies to crafting various items, not just tanning fluid. For example, if you need to craft silver items, follow the same steps:

  • Queue the item
  • Specify the quantity
  • Ensure the resources are available in the chests.

The caretaker will handle the rest, fetching the necessary materials and starting the crafting process.

By following these steps, you can efficiently craft items from inventory chests in Soulmask. Whether crafting tanning fluid or silver items, the key is managing resources and utilizing the caretaker effectively.