How to Defeat Rabizex in Once Human

Scarletrune |  Published: July 10, 2024

In this guide, you will learn strategies on how to defeat Rabizex in Once Human, including its attacks and weak points.

In the dark and dangerous world of Once Human, you must face numerous challenges, including powerful bosses that put your skills to the test. They are called the Great Ones. One of the Great Ones is Rabizex, a shadow hunter that lurks in the darkness, ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey. This guide will provide valuable insights into locating and defeating Rabizex, ensuring you are well-prepared before going into battle with the monster.

How to Defeat Rabizex in Once Human

How to Beat Rabizex in Once Human
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In Once Human, Rabizex can be found north of Chalk Peak area. You should look for a house and proceed to the back, where you will discover a boss arena. It’s crucial to be between levels 35 and 40 before attempting to take on this challenging adversary.

To emerge victorious, you must familiarize yourself with Rabizex’s varied moveset. Here is the breakdown of this powerful Great One moves:

Ranged AttackRabizex can breathe out a shadow ball from its mouth, targeting you from a distance.
Melee AttackIt will also use its claws and bite to inflict damage in close quarters.
OblivionRabizex leaps into the air, rotating at high speed to form a devastating shadow meteorite that smashes the ground. Concentrated fire from you can interrupt this skill.
Shadow TorrentRabizex creates a damaging torrent that sweeps the area in front of it.
Black HoleA black hole generated from Rabizex’s mouth will release a large-scale explosion.
Shadow SneakRabizex can move through shadows on the ground before rushing out to surprise you with an attack.
Dark ServantSpherical dark matter is summoned to attack you while also creating a protective shield for Rabizex.

Rabizex’s Oblivion skill, where it transforms into a ball and dives down, is nearly impossible to avoid completely. To minimize the chances of being hit, players should start moving as Rabizex begins to morph. Continuously firing at Rabizex during this phase will help bring it down faster.

As Rabizex’s health drops, it becomes more aggressive, with its Noumenon emerging from the head’s shell. This transformation boosts its attack power and skill potency but also makes its head more vulnerable to damage, giving you a chance to exploit this weakness.

Weapon to Defeat Rabizex in Once Human

Weapon to Beat Rabizex in Once Human
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When battling Rabizex, it’s best to use long-range weapons like snipers or assault rifles. Make sure to upgrade these weapons for maximum damage.

You should target the parts of Rabizex’s body that are exposed outside the shadow shell. These include the splits in its shoulders and the head when it enters the violent stage. Focusing fire on these weak points will help you take down Rabizex more efficiently.

By understanding Rabizex’s attack patterns, exploiting its weak points, and employing the right weapons and strategies, you can overcome this powerful shadow hunter and continue your journey through the perilous world of Once Human.


  • What level should players be to fight Rabizex?
    • Players should be between levels 35 and 40 to take on Rabizex.
  • Where is Rabizex located in Once Human?
    • Rabizex can be found north of Chalk Peak in a mountainous area, inside a house.
  • What happens when Rabizex’s health drops to a certain level?
    • Rabizex will come out with its Noumenon emerging from its headshell, increasing its attack power and skill potency but also making its head more vulnerable to damage.