How to Earn MultiVersus Twitch Drops and Get All Rewards

Kyuma |  Published: May 27, 2024

Learn how to earn exclusive MultiVersus rewards through Twitch Drops. Follow our step-by-step guide to link your accounts and claim your rewards.

MultiVersus offers free in-game cosmetics like character skins and Gleamium currency for watching affiliated Twitch streams. Players must link accounts and accumulate viewing time to obtain these Twitch Drops rewards.

This guide will take players through the process of earning MultiVersus Twitch Drops and provide valuable information on the available rewards, ensuring they make the most of this engaging feature.

How to Get MultiVersus Twitch Drops

Multiversus Twitch Drops
Image Credits: GameWitted

Follow these steps to connect your Warner Bros. and Twitch accounts:

  1. Visit and login to your WB Games account.
  2. On the Connections page, scroll down and click the “Connect” button under Twitch.
  3. When prompted, sign in to your Twitch account to authorize linking.
  4. Click “Authorize” on the next page to finalize account connections.

Your Warner Bros. and Twitch account now track viewing time and drops.

To get MultiVersus Twitch Drops, watch any streamer playing MultiVersus with Twitch Drops enabled. You can identify these channels by the callout message at the top of the Stream Chat. For every 30 minutes of watching, up to a total of 90 minutes, you will earn a reward in your Twitch Inventory.

MultiVersus Twitch Drops Rewards

During the MultiVersus Twitch Drops campaign, you can earn the following rewards:

  • 30 minutes: Presently Shocked – Rare Banner
  • 60 minutes: 100 Gleamium
  • 90 minutes: Beach Volleyball Garnet – Rare Skin

MultiVersus Twitch Drops are available for a limited time. Drops must be claimed in your Twitch inventory while the campaign is active. Once claimed, you have two weeks from the end of the campaign to log in to MultiVersus using the connected Warner Bros. Games account to claim your rewards in-game.