How to Get and Use Charcoal in Once Human

ruekuma |  Published: July 10, 2024

Learn how to get and use charcoal in Once Human. Discover its importance for crafting and survival in Once Human with this guide.

Charcoal is a key resource in the harsh post-apocalyptic setting in Once Human. You’ll need it to craft gear and survive against Deviations. Let’s dive into how you can get Charcoal in Once Human.

How to Get Charcoal in Once Human

Once Human Charcoal
Image Credits: PC Invasion

Here are some ways you can get charcoal in Once Human:

  1. Find trees: Look for clusters of trees near your base. They’re your main source of logs.
  2. Gather logs: Hit trees or chop them down to get logs. You’ll need five logs for one piece of charcoal.
  3. Build a furnace: To make charcoal you’ll need a furnace. Unlock it in the Memetics menu under Infrastructure. You’ll need Copper Ore and Gravel to build it.
  4. Burn logs: Put your logs in the furnace to make charcoal.

Remember to collect your charcoal from the queue menu after it’s made. Don’t leave it behind!

How to Use Charcoal in Once Human

Charcoal has the following several uses:

  • Smelting ores: It’s crucial for making metal from ore.
  • Crafting gear: Many recipes need charcoal.
  • Building a basic stove: Get cooking with charcoal.

Tips for Efficient Charcoal Production in Once Human

Once Human Furnace
Image Credits: Starry Studios
  1. Set up near trees: Build your base close to a forest for easy log gathering.
  2. Stockpile logs: Trees grow back fast so chop often.
  3. Upgrade your tools: Better tools mean faster log collection.
  4. Build multiple furnaces: Speed up charcoal production.
  5. Balance your resources: Don’t use all your logs for charcoal. Save some for building.

How to Get the Materials for a Furnace

To build a furnace you’ll need the following materials:

  • 20 Copper Ore: Find sulfur deposits (look for yellow tints) to get copper.
  • 30 Gravel: Smash stones to collect gravel.

Both materials are common so you shouldn’t have trouble finding them.

Why Charcoal Matters in Once Human

In Once Human charcoal is more than just fuel. It’s a building block for your survival. With charcoal, you can:

  • Craft better gear to fight Deviations
  • Cook food to stay healthy
  • Smelt metals for advanced crafting

There you have it! Stock up on charcoal whenever you can since it might just save your life in the dangerous world of Once Human.

Remember to always be on the lookout for trees and ore deposits. With a steady supply of charcoal, you’ll be well-equipped to face whatever challenges come your way. Happy crafting!


  • How many logs do you need to make charcoal in Once Human?
    • You need five logs to make one piece of charcoal in Once Human.
  • What is charcoal used for in Once Human?
    • Charcoal is essential for smelting ores, crafting gear, and building basic structures like stoves in Once Human.