Once Human All Memetics List: Prerequisites and Cipher Cost

Kyuma |  Published: July 10, 2024

Explore the comprehensive memetics system in Once Human with our detailed guide. Learn about item prerequisites, Cipher costs, and more.

Once Human features an extensive crafting system that allows players to create a wide variety of items. From essential tools to advanced weaponry, understanding the crafting mechanics is crucial for success in the game.

This guide provides a complete overview of all memetics in Once Human, their prerequisites, Cipher costs, and categories.

All Memetics Type in Once Human

Memetics in Once Human
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The memetics system in Once Human is divided into several categories, each focusing on different aspects of gameplay. These categories include:

  1. Crafting
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Managing
  4. Base Building/Crafting

Each item in the game requires a certain number of Ciphers to unlock, and some are only available when specific season milestones are reached. Energy Links are also a crucial resource for crafting more advanced items.

All Memetics in Once Human

Here’s a comprehensive table of all craftable items in Once Human, organized by category:

Crafting Category

All Memetics in Once Human - crafting
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Item NamePrerequisitesCiphersEnergy Links
Adrenaline ShotsEssential Tools20
Advanced Ammunition IAmmunition I3200
Advanced Ammunition IIAmmunition II72000
Advanced Ammunition IIIAmmunition III105000
Advanced Gear WorkbenchesFlamethrowers72000
Advanced Synthesis BenchesVortex Generators72000
Advanced ThrowablesAdvanced Synthesis Benches105000
Advanced ToolsRecovering HP II72000
Ammunition IEssential Tools10
Ammunition IIAdvanced Ammunition I5700
Ammunition IIIAdvanced Ammunition II105000
Assault RiflesShotguns3200
Basic GearGear Workbenches20
Claymore MinesExplosive Throwables72000
Essential ToolsN/A10
Explosive ThrowablesSynthesis Benches5700
FlamethrowersLight Machine Guns72000
Gear WorkbenchesEssential Tools10
Grenade LaunchersRocket Launchers72000
Improved DronesPortable Machine Gun Towers105000
Intermediate Gear WorkbenchesAssault Rifles3200
Intermediate ToolsRecovering HP I3200
Light Machine GunsSniper Rifles5700
Portable Machine Gun TowersScout Drones72000
Projection GeneratorsStardust Barriers72000
Recovering HP IEssential Tools20
Recovering HP IIIntermediate Tools5700
Recovering HP IIIAdvanced Tools105000
Rocket LaunchersIntermediate Gear Workbenches5700
ScannersProjection Generators72000
Scout DronesSynthesis Benches5700
ShotgunsBasic Gear3200
Sniper RiflesIntermediate Gear Workbenches5700
Spectrum GeneratorsScanners105000
Stardust BarriersSynthesis Benches5700
Synthesis BenchesRecovering HP I3200
Vortex GeneratorsClaymore Mines72000

Infrastructure Category

All Memetics in Once Human - Infrastructure Category
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Item NamePrerequisitesCiphersEnergy Links
Advanced ChainsawsElectric Drills105000
Advanced Electric DrillsAdvanced Chainsaws105000
Alloy PickaxesAluminum Ingots72000
Aluminum IngotsElectric Furnaces5700
Bronze CastingCopper Pickaxes20
Bronze PickaxesBronze Casting3200
ChainsawsSteel Pickaxes5700
Copper PickaxesSmelting Essentials20
Disassembly TechniquesN/A10
Electric DrillsChainsaws72000
Electric FurnacesSteel Pickaxes3200
Forging TechniquesBronze Pickaxes3200
Refining OilBronze Casting3200
Resource Detection ISmelting Essentials20
Resource Detection IIResource Detection I5700
Resource Detection IIIResource Detection II105000
Smelting EssentialsN/A10
Steel PickaxesForging Techniques5700
Tungsten IngotsAlloy Pickaxes72000
Tungsten PickaxesTungsten Ingots105000


All Memetics in Once Human - Managing Category
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Item NamePrerequisitesCiphersEnergy Links
Advanced GeneratorsDeviation Energy Generators II105000
Air-DryingCooking I3200
Automatic IrrigationWater Pumps72000
Biomass Generators IElectrical Parts72000
Brewing BarrelsWater Pumps, Kitchen Sets72000
Compost BinsPlanting3200
Cooking IStoves20
Cooking IIAir-Drying3200
Cooking IIIKitchen Sets72000
Cooking IVCooking III105000
Deviation Energy Generators IIHydraulic Generators105000
Electric StovesCooking II3200
Electrical PartsSolar Generators5700
Fertilizers IPlanter Boxes5700
Fertilizers IIGrow Lights72000
Fertilizers IIIFertilizers II105000
Grow LightsFertilizers I72000
Hydraulic GeneratorsBiomass Generators I72000
Kitchen SetsRefrigeration5700
Osmosis Water PurifierAutomatic Irrigation105000
Planter BoxesCompost Bins5700
PlantingCooking I3200
Rainwater Collection SystemN/A20
RefrigerationElectric Stoves3200
Solar GeneratorsN/A5700
Temperature ControlN/A5700
Vending MachinesN/A5700
Water FiltersWater Storage5700
Water PumpsWater Filters5700
Water StorageRainwater Collection System3200

Base Building/Crafting Category

Base Building/Crafting Category
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Item NamePrerequisitesCiphersEnergy Links
Auto Turrets IDefensive Traps I5700
Auto Turrets IIDefensive Traps II105000
Basic DefenseWood Supports3200
Basic Furniture IWood Doors & Windows20
Basic Furniture IIBasic Furniture I3200
Defensive Traps IBasic Defense3200
Defensive Traps IIGatling Cannons I72000
Defensive Traps IIIAuto Turrets II105000
DisplaysGear Storage3200
Four-Wheel VehiclesVehicle Modding I5700
Gatling Cannons IAuto Turrets I72000
Gatling Cannons IIDefensive Traps III105000
Gear StorageStorage Expansion3200
Large GarageVehicle Modding III72000
Medium GarageVehicle Modding II5700
Reinforced Door & WindowsReinforced Supports105000
Reinforced RoofsReinforced Supports105000
Reinforced StairsReinforced Roofs105000
Reinforced SupportsTerritorial Expansion II72000
Stone Doors & WindowsStone Supports5700
Stone RoofsStone Supports5700
Stone StairsStone Roofs5700
Stone SupportsTerritorial Expansion I3200
Storage ExpansionWood Supports20
Territorial Expansion IWood Stairs20
Territorial Expansion IIStone Stairs5700
Test DummyBasic Defense3200
Updraft CannonDefensive Traps I5700
Vehicle CharmsLarge Garage105000
Vehicle Modding IGarage3200
Vehicle Modding IIFour-Wheel Vehicles5700
Vehicle Modding IIIMedium Garage72000
Vehicle Modding IVLarge Garage105000
Wood Doors & WindowsWood Supports20
Wood RoofsWood Supports20
Wood StairsWood Roofs20
Wood SupportsN/A10

By mastering the crafting system, players can significantly improve their chances of survival and success in the challenging world of Once Human.