How to Unlock and Use Emotes in Once Human?

Kyuma |  Published: July 10, 2024

Learn how to unlock and use emotes in Once Human. This guide covers the steps to access the menu and perform emotes in-game.

Once Human offers players a way to interact and communicate through its emote system. Emotes allow players to convey emotions and reactions without using text or voice chat. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to unlock, access, and use emotes in Once Human.

How to Unlock Emotes in Once Human?

How to Unlock Emotes in Once Human
Image Credits: GameWitted

Before players can start using emotes, they need to unlock the feature. This process is tied to the game’s progression system.

To gain access to emotes, players must first complete the main mission called “The Eve of Evolution.” This mission is a crucial part of the game’s storyline and serves as a gateway to several features, including the Cosmetics menu.

Once “The Eve of Evolution” mission is completed, players will unlock the Cosmetics menu. This menu is where all customization options, including emotes, can be found.

How to Emote in Once Human?

How to Emote in Once Human
Image Credits: GameWitted

Follow these steps to emote in Once Human:

  1. Open the Inventory screen by pressing the “I” key on the keyboard.
  2. Look for and click on the Cosmetics menu.
  3. Within the Cosmetics menu, navigate to the “Expressions” tab.
  4. Browse through the available emotes in the Expressions tab. Click and drag desired emotes to different sections of the wheel.
  5. Hold down the “X” key on the keyboard. The customized emote wheel will appear on the screen.
  6. While holding the “X” key, move the mouse to highlight the desired emote on the wheel. Release the “X” key to execute the selected emote.

Summary Table

Unlocking EmotesComplete “The Eve of Evolution” main mission
Accessing EmotesOpen Inventory (I) > Cosmetics menu > Expressions tab
Setting Up EmotesDrag and drop emotes onto the customizable wheel
Using EmotesHold “X” key, select emote with mouse, release “X” to perform

By following this guide, players can quickly master the art of emoting and enhance their overall gaming experience.