How to Craft Bronze Ingots in Once Human?

Ash |  Published: July 10, 2024

Learn how to craft bronze ingots in Once Human. This guide covers finding tin ore, unlocking skills, and the smelting process.

In Once Human, the ability to craft advanced materials is crucial for player progression and survival. Among these materials, bronze ingots hold particular importance.

This guide aims to provide an overview of the bronze ingot crafting process in Once Human.

Gathering the Necessary Resources

Once Human Tin Ore
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Before you can start crafting bronze ingots, you’ll need to collect the required materials. The primary components are tin ore and copper ore.

Tin ore is a bit trickier to find than copper. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Location: The best place to find tin ore is in the Broken Delta region, west of Dayton Wetlands.
  2. Specific Area: Focus on the Alligator River area within Broken Delta for the highest concentration of tin ore.

On the other hand, you can find Copper Ore relatively easily in Dayton Wetlands.

How to Make Bronze Ingots in Once Human?

How to Make Bronze Ingots in Once Human?
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Before you can craft bronze ingots, you need to unlock the necessary skill:

  1. Open the Cradle option in your game menu.
  2. Navigate to the Memetics section.
  3. Under Infrastructure skills, find and unlock “Bronze Crafting”. To unlock the Bronze Crafting skill, you’ll need 2 Ciphers & A copper pickaxe.

Once you have the materials and the skill unlocked, you’re ready to craft bronze ingots:

  1. Approach your furnace.
  2. For each bronze ingot, you’ll need:
    • 1 Charcoal
    • 5 Tin Ore
    • 3 Copper Ore
  3. Place these materials in the furnace.
  4. The smelting process takes 5 seconds per ingot.
  5. You can craft multiple ingots at once to save time.

Note: If you haven’t created your own furnace yet, check out this guide on how to make a Furnace in Once Human.

Summary Table: Bronze Ingot Crafting Process

1. Gather ResourcesFind tin ore in Broken Delta
2. Unlock SkillLearn Bronze Crafting in Memetics2 Ciphers, Copper Pickaxe
3. Prepare MaterialsCollect ingredients1 Charcoal, 5 Tin Ore, 3 Copper Ore per ingot
4. Craft Bronze IngotSmelt in furnace5 seconds per ingot

By following this guide, players can efficiently set up their smelting operations and begin creating these essential materials.