How to Craft Copper Ingots in Once Human?

Ash |  Published: July 10, 2024

Learn how to craft copper ingots in Once Human. From unlocking the furnace to gathering resources, this guide covers everything you need to know.

Among the many resources players need to craft in Once Human, copper ingots stand out as a fundamental material. This guide will walk through the entire process of making copper ingots in the game.

Unlocking and Building Your First Furnace

building and unlocking a furnace in Once Human
Image Credits: GameWitted

Before you can start crafting copper ingots, you need to unlock the necessary skill and build a furnace. Follow these steps to get your smelting operation up and running:

1Access Skill System– Press Tab while in your home base
– Select the “Cradle” option
2Unlock Smelting Skill– Navigate to “Infrastructure” category

– Find and learn “Smelting Essential” skill
3Gather Resources20 Copper Ore and 30 Gravel
4Open Build MenuPress B to access building options
5Place Furnace– Right-click for additional options
– Go to “Processing” category
– Select and place the furnace in your base

With these steps completed, you’ll have successfully unlocked the smelting skill and constructed your first furnace. This essential structure will allow you to begin the process of crafting copper ingots and other crucial materials in Once Human.

Crafting Copper Ingots in Once Human

Crafting Copper Ingots in Once Human
Image Credits: GameWitted

With the furnace built, you’re now ready to start producing copper ingots. To craft one copper ingot, you’ll need:

  • 3 Copper Ore
  • 1 Charcoal (Place 5 Wood in the furnace to make Charcoal)
  1. Place the required materials in the furnace.
  2. The smelting process takes 5 seconds per ingot.
  3. You can craft multiple ingots at once to save time.

Copper ore can be mined from special rocks known as copper deposits. These are easily recognizable and can be found throughout the map.

Summary Table: Copper Ingot Crafting Process

StepActionResources Needed
1. Unlock SkillLearn Smelting EssentialMemetics points
2. Build FurnacePlace in base20 Copper Ore, 30 Gravel
3. Create CharcoalSmelt in furnace5 Wood per Charcoal
4. Craft Copper IngotSmelt in furnace3 Copper Ore, 1 Charcoal

By following this guide, players can efficiently set up their smelting operations and begin creating these essential materials. Remember, strategic resource management and planning will greatly enhance your crafting experience and overall progress in the game.