How to Increase Settlement Level in Manor Lords

Suki |  Published: April 27, 2024

Discover how to increase settlement level in Manor Lords in this detailed guide.

In Manor Lords, one of the primary goals is to grow your humble village into a massive, sprawling city. You can grow your village by increasing the settlement level. To help you do that, here’s how to increase your Manor Lords settlement level.

How to Increase Settlement Level in Manor Lords

how to increase settlement level manor lords
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To be able to grow your village to a big city, you first need to increase your settlement level. But how to do it? It’s rather simple, to be honest, upgrade your houses.

Burgage plots form the backbone of your settlement’s housing and population. These plots have three distinct upgrade levels, each with specific amenity requirements such as access to water, fuel, food, clothing, and religious services. Upgrade burgage plots, and eventually you will increase your settlement level.

Attaining higher settlement levels unlocks crucial benefits:

  • Development points to construct new buildings, infrastructure, and production chains
  • Increased influence for diplomacy, land acquisitions, and conquering bandit camps
  • Allows population growth by providing more housing

Essentially, raising your settlement level expands your capabilities and unlocks powerful new game mechanics.

Settlement Level Upgrade Requirements

how to increase settlement level manor lords
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To progress through the settlement ranks, you must focus on upgrading your burgage plots according to these milestones:

Settlement LevelLv.1 Burgage PlotsLv.2 Burgage PlotsLv.3 Burgage Plots
Level 1: Settler’s Camp
Level 2: Small Villagex5
Level 3: Medium Villagex5x2
Level 4: Large Villagex10x5
Level 5: Small Townx10x7x3
Level 6: Medium Townx10x10x10
Level 7: Large Townx30x20x15
Settlement Level Upgrade Requirements

The requirements increase for larger town sizes. As you level up burgage plots by providing more amenities, your entire settlement will automatically progress to the next tier when you reach the necessary number of upgraded plots.


Raising your Manor Lords settlement level is a process revolving around upgrading your burgage plots. By strategically fulfilling amenity needs and reaching those burgage plot level milestones, you’ll unlock development points and new gameplay options to expand your village.

With patience and careful resource management, you can transform your humble hamlet into an economic powerhouse in Manor Lords.