How to Unlock and Use Grappling Hook in Wuthering Waves

Bilal |  Published: May 27, 2024

Learn how to use the Grappling Hook in Wuthering Waves to enhance mobility and combat. Master grappling techniques for better exploration and battles.

The Grappling Hook is an essential tool in Wuthering Waves that enhances your mobility and exploration capabilities. This guide will explain how to effectively use the Grappling Hook, its various applications, and tips for maximizing its utility.

How to Grapple in Wuthering Waves

wuthering waves grappling Points
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To grapple, look for Grappling Points, which are floating in the air and marked for easy identification. Aim at these points and use the indicated action button to attach your Grappling Hook. This will allow you to swing from one point to another, making exploration faster and more efficient. Once you’ve grappled to a point, you can aim for the next one or transition into gliding for extended movement.

Grapple Launchers in Wuthering Waves

wuthering waves Grappling Launchers
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In certain areas, you’ll encounter special mechanisms called Grapple Launchers. These devices can create temporary Grapple Points nearby, enabling you to reach otherwise inaccessible locations. Grapple Launchers are particularly useful for navigating tricky terrain where standard grappling might not suffice.

Uses of Grappling Hook

wuthering waves Uses of Grappling Hook
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The Grappling Hook can also be used as a utility tool, allowing you to grapple even without a nearby Grappling Point. This feature is invaluable when you need to make quick adjustments in mid-air or when exploring areas with sparse Grappling Points.

Mid-Air Grappling

The Grappling Hook can be deployed while mid-air, providing a critical recovery option. Whether you are using the Glider or freefalling from a high place, you can use the Grappling Hook to prevent fall damage or to gain a burst of forward movement. This flexibility ensures you can navigate complex aerial environments with ease.

Wallrunning Assistance

When wallrunning, your stamina might deplete before reaching the top of a vertical surface. The Grappling Hook can provide that last burst of distance needed to overcome the edge. By using the Grapple Utility while wallrunning, you can conserve stamina and ensure you reach your destination without falling short.

Mid-Air Attacks

In combat, the Grappling Hook can be used for evasive maneuvers and to set up mid-air attacks. This allows you to reposition quickly while preparing for an assault from above, giving you a tactical advantage over enemies. By combining grappling with attacks, you can execute dynamic combat strategies that keep opponents off balance.


The Grappling Hook in Wuthering Waves is a versatile tool that significantly enhances both exploration and combat. By mastering its various applications, you can traverse the world of Solaris with greater speed and agility, reach new heights, and gain a tactical edge in battles. Always look for Grappling Points, make use of Grapple Launchers, and don’t hesitate to deploy the Grappling Hook mid-air or during wallrunning for optimal movement and positioning.