Is There a Max Level in The First Descendant?

Suki |  Published: July 10, 2024

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about the maximum level in The First Descendant, the new looter-shooter game.

The First Descendant offers an exciting world to explore and to progress through. As with many games in the genre, leveling up is a key part of the experience. But is there a ceiling to how far you can advance? Let’s dive into the details of The First Descendant’s max level.

The First Descendant Maximum Character Level

the first descendant max character level

In The First Descendant, each character known as a Descendant has their own individual level. You can level up your Descendants to a maximum of level 40.

This cap applies to each character separately. So if you want to max out multiple Descendants, you’ll need to put in the time for each one.

Leveling up Descendants happens naturally as you play the game. Defeating enemies and completing missions will earn you experience points. As you reach higher levels, your character will gain improved stats and new abilities.

The First Descendant Maximum Weapon Level

The First Descendant All Weapons List and How to Get
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Weapons in The First Descendant have a much higher level cap than characters. The maximum weapon level is 100. This higher cap allows weapons to remain effective even as you face tougher challenges later in the game.

Players can find higher-level weapons as random drops or mission rewards. The game will gradually provide access to stronger weapons as you progress through the main story.

There’s also an option to upgrade existing weapons at workbenches using the Weapon Level Transmission feature.

It’s worth noting that weapon levels are separate from Weapon Proficiency. Weapon Proficiency has its own cap of level 40. You’ll increase your proficiency simply by using a weapon to defeat enemies.

The First Descendant Maximum Mastery Rank

the first descendant max mastery rank

The overall account level in The First Descendant is called Mastery Rank. Mastery Rank maxes out at level 30. This rank affects various aspects of gameplay including:

  • Number of available module slots
  • Inventory space
  • Equipment storage capacity
  • Shape Stabilizer limits

You earn Mastery Rank experience through general gameplay activities. However, ranking up requires a visit to the Prime Hands in Albion. Make sure to check in regularly to claim your new ranks and associated benefits.


Here’s a quick reference for the maximum levels in The First Descendant:

CategoryMax Level
Weapon Proficiency40
Mastery Rank30
The First Descendant Maximum Level

Understanding these level caps can help you set goals and prioritize your progression in The First Descendant. Whether you’re focusing on maxing out a favorite character or aiming to increase your overall Mastery Rank, there’s always room for growth and improvement in this action-packed game.


  • What to do at level 40 in The First Descendant?
    • You can farm materials and max up your weapons level.
  • How to rank up in First Descendant?
    • To rank up in The First Descendant, play regularly and visit the Prime Hands in Albion.