LoLdle Answers Today: Hints & Solution for LoLdle 687 (May 24)

Kyuma |  Published: May 24, 2024

Uncover the LoLdle answers for May 24, 2024, & become a LoL champion expert. Conquer Classic, Quote, Ability, Emoji & Splash modes.

LoLdle is an online game that challenges players to identify League of Legends champions based on various clues.

The game presents five different puzzles each day, testing players’ knowledge of champion abilities, quotes, and more. This guide provides the answers and hints for today’s LoLdle puzzles.

LoLdle Today 687 Clues

LoLdle Today 687 Clues
Image Credits: GameWitted

Classic LoLdle Hints

  • Male champion
  • Top position
  • Human, chemically altered species
  • Health resource
  • Melee range type
  • From the Zaun region
  • Released in 2009

Quote LoLdle Hint

  • “A sword mirrors its owner”

Ability LoLdle Hint

  • Belongs to Kindred

Emoji LoLdle Hints

  • Light
  • Magic wand
  • Blonde girl
  • Glitter

LoLdle Today 687 Answers

Dr. Mundo lolRivenKindredRLux lolJarvan IV lol
Dr MundoRivenWolf’s FrenzyLuxJarvan IV
LoLdle Today 687 Answers
  • Classic: Dr Mundo
  • Quote: Riven
  • Ability: Wolf’s Frenzy
  • Emoji: Lux
  • Splash: Jarvan IV

LoLdle is a fun way for League of Legends fans to engage with the game and learn more about their favorite champions. The daily puzzles provide a challenge for both new and experienced players alike.