Manor Lords Achievement List

Suki |  Published: April 28, 2024

Find out the complete Manor Lords’ achievement list in this detailed guide.

In Manor Lords, building a thriving town is the main goal. However, while playing, there are several side-goals you can achieve, the achievements. You can currently unlock a total of 11 achievements in Manor Lords. Let’s look at the complete achievement list!

Manor Lords Achievement List

manor lords achievement list
Slavic Magic

Begin your journey by mastering the fundamentals. “Start the Game” and “Survive the First Year” are the foundational achievements, rewarding your ability to establish a sustainable settlement and navigate the harsh realities of medieval life.

Brace yourself for the challenges that lie ahead, as these early triumphs pave the way for greater accomplishments:

NameHow to UnlockXP
Big SuccessStart the game50 XP
For Whom the Bell TollsChange the church bell sound50 XP
Full RetinueEmploy 24 retainers50 XP
Restore the PeaceFinish the “Restoring the Peace” scenario50 XP
Challenge AcceptedBeat “Restoring the Peace” on “Hard” difficulty preset100 XP
Cheerful MetropolisReach 100 percent approval in “Large Town”100 XP
Mercenary CaptainDefeat “Restoring the Peace” with Mercenary units only100 XP
Survive the First YearFace the winter and have your settlers not abandon you100 XP
The MerchantGet to a “Small Town” settlement level without hunting or gathering berries100 XP
The VigilantesDestroy a squad of brigands with a squad of militia in a non-battle mode100 XP
Defeat HildeboltDefeat the baron200 XP
Manor Lords Achievement List

To be able to pass some of these achievements, you need to know the basics of the game. Lucky for you, we have the ultimate beginner’s guide, just what you need!


As you embark on this epic journey through Manor Lords, remember that there are hidden goals, the achievements. Forge alliances, command armies, and shape the destiny of your kingdom – the path to glory awaits!