Monopoly GO Railroad Rally All Rewards & Milestones

Kyuma |  Published: April 26, 2024

Uncover the complete list of rewards and milestones for Monopoly GO‘s Railroad Rally event, along with strategies.

Monopoly GO has introduced an exciting new solo event called Railroad Rally. This event offers players various valuable rewards, including Cash, Sticker Packs, Dice Rolls, a Celebration Train board piece, and Parade Partners Drum Tokens.

Additionally, participants can unlock various in-game boosts, such as Cash Grab, High Roller, and Cash Boost, by accumulating points and reaching different milestones. This guide provides an overview of the Railroad Rally event rewards and milestones.

Complete List of Monopoly GO Railroad Rally Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO Railroad Rally Event
Image Credits: GameWitted

The Railroad Rally event follows a milestones-based rewards system, where players must earn points to unlock increasingly valuable prizes. The event features a total of 49 milestones, with the final milestone offering an impressive 14,005 Dice Rolls and 4,480 Drum Tokens. Below is the complete list of milestones and their corresponding rewards:

Monopoly GO Railroad Rally MilestonePointsMonopoly GO Railroad Rally Rewards
1570 Drum Tokens
21020 Dice Rolls
410Sticker Pack (1-Stars x2)
55585 Dice Rolls
61580 Drum Tokens
720Cash Boost 5 Minutes
820Sticker Pack (1-Stars x2)
925120 Drum Tokens
10150200 Dice Rolls
1235160 Drum Tokens
1335Sticker Pack (1-Stars x2)
1440220 Drum Tokens
15300350 Dice Rolls
1745Cash Grab 10 Minutes
1850Sticker Pack (2-Stars x3)
1955250 Drum Tokens
20700Celebration Train Board Piece
2270Sticker Pack (3-Stars x3)
2380250 Drum Tokens
251,2501,000 Dice Rolls
27120High Roller 10 Minutes
28130280 Drum Tokens
29150100 Dice Rolls
31225300 Drum Tokens
32400Sticker Pack (4-Stars x4)
33350200 Dice Rolls
34300400 Drum Tokens
351,8001,500 Dice Rolls
36500400 Drum Tokens
37600Sticker Pack (4-Stars x4)
38700Cash Boost 10 Minutes
39800500 Drum Tokens
403,2002,400 Dice Rolls
41900Sticker Pack (5-Stars x6)
421,000650 Drum Tokens
431,200750 Dice Rolls
451,300900 Dice Rolls
471,500Sticker Pack (5-Stars x6)
481,600800 Drum Tokens
497,5006,500 Dice Rolls
Complete List of Monopoly GO Railroad Rally Rewards and Milestones

Strategies for Earning Points in Railroad Rally

To maximize point earnings in the Railroad Rally event, players should focus on landing on one of the four corner tiles: GO, Just Visiting, Free Parking, or Go to Jail. Increasing the Dice multiplier before landing on these tiles will significantly boost the points earned. Strategically utilizing in-game boosts and participating in parallel events can further contribute to point accumulation.

The Railroad Rally event in Monopoly GO presents an excellent opportunity for players to acquire valuable rewards and accelerate their progress.