No Rest for the Wicked: How to Increase Storage Capacity

Bilal |  Published: April 26, 2024

Learn how to expand your inventory in No Rest for the Wicked with Community and Storage Chests.

In the expansive world of No Rest for the Wicked, managing your inventory efficiently is essential for success. With limited storage space at the beginning, players often find themselves struggling to accommodate their growing collection of loot. However, there are ways to expand your storage capacity and alleviate this challenge.

Where to Store Items

Community Chest in the Rookery

No Rest for the Wicked
Image credit: Moon Studios

One of the primary storage options in No Rest for the Wicked is the Community Chest located in the Rookery of Sacrament. This chest provides a generous storage capacity of 40 slots, allowing players to safely store various items they’ve acquired on their journey.

To access the Community Chest, players need to progress through the game until they reach Sacrament. Upon defeating Warrick the Torn outside of Sacrament, players are granted access to a room in the Rookery by Roan. This room contains the Community Chest, offering a centralized storage solution for players to deposit their belongings.

Storage Chests in Your Home

No rest for the Wicked Chest
Image credit: Moon Studios

Additionally, players can expand their storage options by acquiring and placing Storage Chests in their own homes. These chests can be purchased from Whittaker, a merchant in Sacrament, or crafted using blueprints found outside of Sacrament or purchased from Whittaker himself.

Whittaker offers a range of Storage Chests, including Small, Medium, and larger variants, with the option to unlock more substantial options as Whittaker’s Crafting Shack is upgraded. The prices vary depending on the size of the chest, with smaller chests costing Bronze coins and larger ones requiring both Silver and Bronze coins.

How to Obtain Storage Chests

The easiest way to acquire Storage Chests is to purchase them directly from Whittaker. However, players can also craft these chests using blueprints found in chests outside of Sacrament or by purchasing them from Whittaker. It’s worth noting that while Whittaker also sells cupboards, these are specifically designed for storing consumables and cannot accommodate weapons or gear.

To place a Storage Chest in your home, simply return to your house, open your inventory, select the desired chest, and choose a location within your home to position it. Once placed, players can interact with the chest to deposit and retrieve items as needed, providing a convenient and accessible storage solution for all their loot.

Expanding your storage capacity in No Rest for the Wicked is essential for effectively managing your inventory and ensuring you have access to the resources and equipment needed for your adventures in the game. By utilizing Community Chests and Storage Chests, players can organize their belongings and focus on conquering the challenges that await them in this immersive world.