Once Human: Everything You Need to Know

Scarletrune |  Published: July 09, 2024

Learn everything you need to know about Once Human before playing the game!

Once Human is an upcoming innovative post-apocalyptic survival game with cosmic horror elements. The game seeks to distinguish itself in the saturated post-apocalyptic genre by blending cosmic horror elements inside it. Here, we’ll explore some key aspects to prepare you for this intriguing world!

Everything You Need to Know about Once Human

We have summarized seven things you need to know about Once Human, so that you won’t feel confused when you start the game. Here is the breakdown:

Once Human Brings a Cosmic Twist to Survival Games

Once Human Horror Survival Game
Starry Studios

For you who are tired of the post-apocalyptic survival genre, Once Human offers a fresh take on this well-worn format. Set on the Nalcott island, the place is devastated by an alien plague called Stardust. The game blends Lovecraftian horror with the survival experience. The infected monsters are like Bloodborne creatures and the crafting system is more user-friendly than other games.

Stardust Plague Affects Every Aspect of Gameplay

Once Human Stardust Plague
Starry Studios

Once Human world is shaped by the reality-altering Stardust. This alien substance affects harvested materials and drains the player‘s sanity. The main enemies are Stardust-infected monsters, not zombies.

The plague also impacts consumables. Drinking tainted water or eating contaminated food reduces sanity and max HP.

Fearsome Monsters Roam the Island

Once Human Monsters
Starry Studios

The Deviant bosses in Once Human are impressive, especially the Arxium, a giant black widow with an exposed rib cage and a menacing skull. Not all monsters are hostile. The Wanderer Deviant, a giant bus, transports players across the map and serves as a gathering hub for players and infected creatures. This innovative feature adds a new twist to travel and social interaction in the survival genre.

Guns Galore

All Weapons in Once Human
Starry Studios

Once Human boasts a substantial arsenal with seven weapon categories encompassing over 100 gun blueprints. These range from long-distance sniper rifles to close-quarters shotguns and area-of-effect SMGs. Melee weapons are also mentioned, hinting at possible expansions in future updates.

Robust Base Building

Once Human Building
Starry Studios

Base building is a core pillar of any survival game and Once Human delivers. You will have ample freedom to construct sprawling, multi-story houses complete with basements and gardens. Using the blueprint relocation feature, these home bases can be moved to different locations on the map.

Engage in Multiplayer and Uncover Rich Lore

Once Human Multiplayer
Starry Studios

PVP fans can compete in Stronghold Contest, where up to 50 players fight for territory and resources. For co-op lovers, there are dungeons and tough zone bosses that offer valuable loot and reveal the game’s lore.

Once Human also features an engaging story campaign. Players help the Mayfly faction stop the Rosetta corporation’s Stardust experiments. The game includes many side quests and world-building details for an immersive experience.

Positive Beta Impressions

Once Human Beta Test
Starry Studios

Encouragingly, Once Human’s closed beta tests have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. Reports of game-breaking bugs or major issues are very limited, showing confidence that the game will enjoy a smooth launch. The developers seem committed to delivering a polished, innovative take on the survival genre.

In summary, Once Human aims to revitalize the post-apocalyptic survival genre with its Lovecraftian influences, unique monster designs, enjoyable gunplay, robust base building, engaging multiplayer modes, and captivating story. For those looking for a fresh take on a familiar genre, Once Human is definitely worth keeping an eye on!


  • What is the release date for Once Human?
    • Once Human will be released on July 10th, 2024.
  • On which platforms will Once Human be available?
    • The game is slated to release on PC, but console versions are a possibility.
  • Is Once Human a purely multiplayer game?
    • No, it features an optional single-player story campaign in addition to multiplayer modes.