Sand Land: Water Delivery Quest Guide

Scarletrune |  Published: April 27, 2024

In this article, you will find out how to complete the Water Delivery quest in Sand Land. We will explain everything you need to know!

The Water Delivery quest serves as the introductory main quest in Sand Land, providing players with their first glimpses of the game’s world, characters, and central conflict.

Water Delivery Quest Guide in Sand Land

This guide below will walk you through the key objectives and steps to complete the very first quest in Sand Land.

Step 1: Chase Down the Truck

Water Delivery Quest Guide in Sand Land
Bandai Namco

Before the Water Delivery quest begins, you’ll need to chase down a fleeing truck through a short vehicular sequence. Once caught, engage in your first melee battle against the truck’s drivers, utilizing weak attacks, powerful strikes, and epic tricks to defeat them.

Step 2: Water Delivery!

Sand Land Water Delivery Quest Guide
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Once you arrive in the Demon Village, the main quest will kick off. Here is the step-by-step guide to complete it:

  • First, ascend the nearby stairs and provide Nenba with water to receive a B-Grade Steel.
  • Then, continue upwards until you reach a bridge. Cross it and open the chest at the end to obtain a B-Grade Cable.
  • Return to the other side of the bridge and locate Ihu. Give them water in exchange for Vegetable Oil.
  • Proceed to the top area where Slime is located and interact with it to complete the Water Delivery quest.

    Bonus Tip: After progressing further in the game, you can revisit this area with a Raptor Scale item. Provide it to Kyuuki, and they will reward you with a helpful Health Drink.

    Step 3: Hitting the Road Quest

    Sand Land: Hitting the Road Quest Guide
    Bandai Namco

    With the Water Delivery quest completed, you’ll transition into the next story beat:

    • Advance up the stairs to reach a checkpoint.
    • Enter your father’s room to conclude this opening chapter.

    A Gripping Introduction

    The Water Delivery quest may seem straightforward, but it serves as an engaging introduction to Sand Land‘s world, characters, and central conflict.

    From Beelzebub’s for video games to the tense relationships among different groups, this quest lays the foundation for the epic adventure ahead.

    By completing the Water Delivery quest and its optional objectives, you’ll not only progress the main story but also gain valuable resources and equipment to help you on your journey!