Sea of Thieves Season 12: Release Date, New Weapons, Tools, and More

ruekuma |  Published: April 29, 2024

Discover all new features in Season 12 of Sea of Thieves as it arrives on April 30th, including new weapons, tools, and more in this article.

Sea of Thieves Season 12 launches on April 30th, 2024, coinciding with the game’s debut on PlayStation 5.

The recent official content update brings an array of new weapons, tools, and traversal options in the gameplay. This article covers all the details in the coming Sea of Thieves Season 12 from new weapons to PlayStation 5 launch, new features, and more.

New Weapons and Tools in Sea of Thieves Season 12

Two fresh weapons are joining your pirate’s arsenal:

Double-barreled pistol and Throwing Knives
  • Double-barreled pistol – Rapidly fire two shots before reloading or charge for a single, powerful blast.
  • Throwing knives – Perform close-range melee stabs or throw for ranged damage. Recover misses to restock.

Three new tools augment your pirating proficiency:

Scattershot, Bone Caller, and Wind Caller Horn
  • Scattershot cannonball – Separates into four projectiles, punching multiple holes in enemy ships.
  • Bone caller – Summons temporary skeletal allies or can be fired from cannons to distract foes.
  • Horn of Fair Winds – Manipulate wind currents to propel sails, extinguish fires, knock back enemies, and more. While limited in charges, wind caller horns still fetch full sale prices when depleted.

New Traversal Mechanics in Sea of Thieves

Zip lines and Harpoon Lines

Getting around the high seas and islands becomes easier and quicker with zip lines and harpoon line traversal.

  • Zip Lines are strategically placed on islands for rapid transportation of loot, speedy getaways, and quicker ship arrivals at outposts.
  • Walk across Harpoon Lines to stealthily board ships or reach shortcuts.

PlayStation 5 Release and Expanded Player Base

Sea of Thieves Season 12′ PS5 launch on April 30th, with early access for Premium Edition pre-orders beginning April 25th.

A closed beta runs from April 12-15 for all pre-orders. This PlayStation expansion promises an influx of new pirates to the already sizable player base.

Cosmetic Rewards and Premium Plunder Pass

Sea of Thieves Season 12 100 Levels to Unlock

Level 100 of the free progression offers cosmetics like clothing, ship accessories, scars, and music boxes. Pirate Legends can acquire skeleton lord boots.

An optional premium Plunder Pass provides the gorgon ship set, stone curses, headgear, and collector’s items.

Sea of Thieves Season 12 Punder Pass

With the new gameplay mechanics, Season 12 reinvigorates the Sea of Thieves experience for veteran sailors and newcomers alike as the community expands to PlayStation 5.

Set sail in Sea of Thieves when the new season launches on April 30th.