Stellar Blade All Trophies List: How to Unlock All Trophies

Kyuma |  Published: April 26, 2024

Discover how to unlock all the trophies in Stellar Blade, including the coveted Platinum trophy. Our guide covers everything you need to know.

Stellar Blade, the highly anticipated action-adventure game from Shift Up, offers players an immersive and challenging experience. Like many modern video games, Stellar Blade features a vast trophy system, encouraging players to explore every aspect of the game and test their skills.

With a total of 43 trophies to unlock, including the prestigious Platinum trophy, completionists, and trophy hunters have their work cut out for them. This guide will walk you through each trophy and how to unlock them in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade All Trophies and Achievements

Stellar Blade All Trophies List
Image Credits: Shift Up

Here’s a complete list of all 43 trophies available in Stellar Blade:

Trophy NameTierHow to Unlock
EVE ProtocolPlatinumUnlock all other trophies
Camp PreparationBronzeActivate the first camp
AbaddonBronzeDefeat the Abaddon boss
CorrupterBronzeDefeat the Corrupter boss
GigasBronzeDefeat the Gigas boss
BruteBronzeDefeat the Brute boss
Altess LevoireBronzeCollect the Hyper Cell from Altess Levoire
StalkerBronzeDefeat the Stalker boss
JuggernautBronzeDefeat the Juggernaut boss
TachyBronzeDefeat the Tachy boss
BehemothBronzeDefeat the Behemoth boss
Abyss LevoireBronzeCollect the Hyper Cell from Abyss Levoire
BelialBronzeDefeat the Belial boss
KarakuriBronzeDefeat the Karakuri boss
DemogorgonBronzeDefeat the Demogorgon boss
RavenBronzeDefeat the Raven boss
Return to the ColonyGoldRefuse Adam’s hand during the final cutscene
Cost of Lost MemoriesGoldHead to Spire 4 instead of Eidos 9 and accept Adam’s hand
Making New MemoriesGoldReach Eidos 9 before Spire 4, collect all memory sticks and documents, and accept Adam’s hand
Can CollectorSilverCollect all cans scattered throughout the game world
Nano Suit CollectorSilverAcquire 30 out of the 39 available Nano Suits
Records CollectorSilverGather 200 Data Bank entries, including memory sticks, documents, and passcodes
Lonely FishermanSilverCatch 20 different types of fish using various baits
Box HunterSilverOpen 200 boxes, both locked and unlocked
Naytiba ResearcherSilverCollect information on all Naytibas
Meticulous ExplorerSilverActivate all camps
Perfect ExospineSilverFully upgrade all 10 Exospines
Perfect Blood EdgeBronzeMax out the Blood Edge
Perfect Rechargeable TumblerBronzeMax out the Rechargeable Tumbler
Perfect Physical EnhancementBronzeMax out your HP
Perfect Beta Energy EnhancementBronzeMax out your Beta Energy meter
Thorough TechnicianBronzeLearn all 96 skills in the game
Beyond FateSilverComplete Enya and Su’s side quest storyline
Sisterly LoveSilverComplete Kaya’s side quest storyline
Beep!SilverComplete D1G-g2r’s side quest storyline
Battlefield Martial ArtistBronzePerfect Dodge 200 enemy attacks
Agile GladiatorBronzePerfect Parry 300 enemy attacks
Silent ExecutionerBronzeDefeat 50 enemies using the Ambush skill
Naytiba HunterBronzeDefeat 100 enemies using Beta Skills
Relentless DestroyerBronzeDefeat 50 enemies using Burst Skills
Revenging AgentBronzeDefeat 50 enemies while in Tachy Mode
Cold-blooded SniperBronzeDefeat 150 enemies using ranged attacks
Cruel LiberatorSilverDefeat 1,500 enemies
Repeating Protocols (New Game+)BronzeComplete New Game+
Infinite Blade (New Game+)BronzeLearn all skills in New Game+
All Stellar Blade Trophy

Unlocking all 43 trophies in Stellar Blade is no small feat, but with dedication, skill, and a bit of strategic planning, you’ll be well on your way to earning that shiny Platinum trophy.