Stellar Blade New Game+ Mode: Exteriors, Skills, and More

Scarletrune |  Published: April 26, 2024

This article will show you all the details of Stellar Blade’s New Game+ mode, including some new exteriors (outfits), skills, and more!

Stellar Blade is gearing up for its launch today, and players already eagerly await the opportunity to explore its post-apocalyptic world. One of the most exciting features coming with the release is the New Game+ mode. In this article, we will go into the details of Stellar Blade’s New Game+ and explore the additions it brings to the table.

Stellar Blade New Game+: Exteriors, Skills, and More

Shift Up Corp promises that Stellar Blade’s New game+ mode will enhance the gaming experience significantly. So let’s see what it is all about!

Level Expansions and Progression

Stellar Blade New Game+ Level Expansions and Progression
Shift Up Corp

Upon entering New Game+, players can expect their progression to carry over, allowing them to continue building upon their hard-earned skills and enhancements.

In New Game+ mode, players keep their progress, so they can keep improving their skills and upgrades. But the real fun comes with Eve’s gear and abilities. They can level up even more. Check these out:

  • Weapon Level Cap – Increased from 15 to 40
  • Body Level Cap – Increased from 6 to 9
  • Beta Level Cap – Increased from 6 to 9
  • Tumbler Level Cap – Increased from 5 to 13

These level expansions open up new possibilities for players to further strengthen their power.

New Skills and Enhancements

Stellar Blade New Game+ Mode
Shift Up Corp

Another impressive addition in Stellar Blade New Game+ mode is the introduction of new skills and enhancements. Players can look forward to:

  • 4 new Beta skill moves
  • 8 new skills to enhance Beta/Burst skills
  • 5 new Drone skills

Additionally, players can unlock Infinite skills, which are enhancements to existing Beta Skills, allowing for even more devastating combos and combat strategies.

Expanded Wardrobe and Customization

Stellar Blade New Game+ Expanded Exteriors and Customization
Shift Up Corp

Stellar Blade’s New Game+ mode doesn’t just focus on combat, it also caters to players’ desire for stylish customization. Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of new exteriors and cosmetic items, including:

  • 34 new outfits for Eve
  • 5 new accessories for Eve
  • 2 new cosmetics each for Adam, Lily, and the Drone

These new wardrobe additions provide players with an opportunity to express their unique style and personalize their gaming experience.

Other Enhancements

Stellar Blade New Game+ Mk2 Gear Enhancements
Shift Up Corp

The New Game+ mode in Stellar Blade offers several other noteworthy enhancements:

  • Mk2 Gear Enhancements: Players can personalize their approach with improved gear enhancements, such as boosted attack speed, shield penetration, and the ability to convert damage into Beta Energy.
  • Tougher Enemies: In keeping with Eve’s evolution, enemies on higher difficulties will be stronger and may even be repositioned, adding an extra layer of challenge.

In Stellar Blade’s New Game+ mode, players can expect an enhanced gaming experience with added features. It allows players to really test their skills and go even deeper into customization options.