The First Descendant Beta Progress: What Carries Over at Launch?

Suki |  Published: May 27, 2024

Does your beta progress carry over in the full release of The First Descendant? Find out the answer in this detailed guide.

The First Descendant, a highly anticipated game from NEXON, has been in the testing phase for quite some time. As the game nears its official launch, players who participated in the beta tests may wonder whether their progress will carry over to the full release. This article aims to provide clarity on this topic and address the concerns of beta testers.

Does Your Beta Progress Carry Over in The First Descendant?

the first descendant beta progress

It is important to note that progress made during beta tests is temporary and does not carry over to the full game release. This includes any loot, currency (such as Caliber, the premium currency), or unlocked items obtained during the testing phase.

The purpose of beta tests is to identify and resolve potential issues, rather than granting a head start to players.

Participation Rewards

While the majority of progress is wiped upon the game’s launch, there are certain participation rewards that players can earn and retain. These rewards are typically granted as a token of appreciation for assisting in the beta testing process.

For instance, during the Crossplay Open Beta Event in September 2023, players had the opportunity to earn emotes and a Bear-shaped Back Trophy as participation rewards. These rewards will be available to eligible players when The First Descendant officially launches.

Technical Test Rewards

the first descendant beta progress

The current Technical Test, which lasts for two days, does not offer any participation rewards. However, it provides players with ample Caliber (premium currency) to explore various in-game purchases, cosmetics, Descendants, and even the Battle Pass.

This opportunity allows players to test and evaluate different aspects of the game without the need for extensive grinding.


In summary, while the beta tests for The First Descendant provide players with a chance to experience the game and its features, the progress made during these tests is temporary. Only specific participation rewards, such as emotes and cosmetic items, will be available to eligible players upon the game’s official launch.