V Rising: How to Send Servants on Missions

Kyuma |  Published: May 20, 2024

Discover how to send servants on missions in V Rising to gather resources and explore areas.

In V Rising, servants are a valuable asset that can help gather resources, explore areas, and even defend the castle. This guide will cover everything from obtaining servants to sending them on missions and maximizing their potential.

How to Unlock Servants in V Rising?

v rising servant coffin
Image Credits: Stunlock Studios

To unlock servants, players must progress through the game and complete the “Lord of the Manor” journal quest. This quest requires crafting and binding to a Stone Coffin, which becomes available after converting part of the castle to stone. Once bound to the coffin, the “Servants” journal quest will be unlocked.

To get a servant, players must build a Servant Coffin, which requires 16 planks, 8 copper ingots, and 1 Greater Blood Essence. Greater Blood Essence can be obtained by placing 4 Unsullied Hearts, found on V Blood Carriers or high-level enemies, in a Blood Press.

After building the Servant Coffin, players must use the Dominating Presence ability on a human NPC. To do this, attack an NPC until their health is low, then use the Dominating Presence ability from the Vampire Power wheel (Ctrl key). Once dominated, the NPC will follow the player back to the castle, where they can be bound to the Servant Coffin.

Understanding Servant Characteristics

Each servant has unique characteristics that determine their effectiveness:

  • Blood Type: Affects the servant’s perks, such as increased spell effectiveness for Scholar blood types.
  • Blood Quality: Higher quality means better performance.
  • Faction: Servants from a specific area will perform better when sent on missions to that region.
  • Gear: Equipping servants with weapons and armor increases their stats and resource-gathering capabilities.

How to Send Servants on a Mission in V Rising?

v rising how to send servants on missions
Image Credits: GameWitted

To command servants, players must craft a Castle Throne, which requires Stone Bricks, 4 Greater Blood Essence, and 16 Iron Ingots. Iron can be found in the Dunley Farmlands, north of the starting area, and requires a Refined Copper weapon to mine.

Once the Castle Throne is placed, players can send servants on missions to different locations in Vardoran. Missions can vary in duration, and longer missions have a higher chance of success and yield more resources. The servant’s stats, gear, and power level determine their likelihood of success in each area.

To ensure servants perform at their best, consider the following tips:

  • Equip servants with the best possible gear to increase their power level.
  • Match servant characteristics to mission locations (e.g., send servants with the appropriate faction bonus to their corresponding area).
  • Upgrade the Castle Heart to build more Servant Coffins, allowing for a larger workforce.
  • When searching for new servants, prioritize those with high-quality blood types for better perks and performance.

Servants are a powerful tool in V Rising that can greatly enhance resource gathering and castle defense. By understanding how to obtain, command, and optimize servants, players can make the most of this unique game mechanic and rise to become the ultimate vampire lord.