Wuthering Waves 1.0 Banners: Release Date and Characters

Suki |  Published: May 20, 2024

Discover everything you need to know about Wuthering Waves 1.0 banners, including the release date and all characters.

The highly anticipated Wuthering Waves, an action role-playing game, is gearing up for its official release and a version 1.0 update. This version promises to introduce two five-star characters and a roster of four-star characters. Let’s talk details!

Wuthering Waves 1.0 Banners Release Date

wuthering waves 1.0 banner jiyan
Image Credits: GameWItted

The first phase of the 1.0 update will kick off on May 23, 2024, with the debut of Jiyan, a 5-star Aero (Wind) Broadblade character. As the game’s first 5-star character to be featured in limited banners, Jiyan’s arrival is sure to excite players.

Alongside Jiyan’s banner, three 4-star characters will also be available:

  • Danjin (Havoc Sword)
  • Chixia (Fusion Pistols)
  • Mortefi (Fusion Pistols)

While Chixia is a starter character obtainable for free, Danjin and Mortefi can only be acquired through limited and permanent banners.

Verdant Summit: Jiyan’s Signature Weapon

During Phase I, players can also try their luck at obtaining Jiyan’s signature weapon, the 5-star Broadblade “Verdant Summit.” This CRIT DMG weapon increases resonance and heavy attack damage, providing a significant boost to Jiyan’s combat prowess.

Wuthering Waves 1.0 Phase 2 Banner Release Date

wuthering waves 1.0 banner yinlin
Image Credits: GameWItted

The second phase, scheduled for June 13, 2024, will introduce Yinlin, an Electro Rectifier character and the second 5-star to grace the limited character banners. Her banner will feature the following 4-star characters:

  • Aalto (Aero Pistols)
  • Taoqi (Havoc Broadblade)
  • Yuanwu (Electro Gauntlets)

While Yuanwu can be obtained by clearing the Tower of Adversity, Aalto and Taoqi are only available through rate-up or permanent banners.

Stringmaster: Yinlin’s Signature Weapon

Accompanying Yinlin’s debut will be her signature 5-star Rectifier weapon, the “Stringmaster.” This CRIT-Rate weapon increases the ATK and DMG bonus of all resonance attributes, further enhancing Yinlin’s combat capabilities.

Guaranteed Summons on Weapon Banners

Kuro Game officials have confirmed that all weapon banners in Wuthering Waves offer 100% guaranteed summons. This means players will only receive the signature weapon featured on Phase I and II banners, ensuring a higher chance of obtaining these powerful armaments.


To sum up:

PhaseRelease Date5-Star Character4-Star CharactersSignature Weapon
Phase IMay 23, 2024Jiyan (Aero Broadblade)Danjin, Chixia, MortefiVerdant Summit (CRIT DMG)
Phase IIJune 13, 2024Yinlin (Electro Rectifier)Aalto, Taoqi, YuanwuStringmaster (CRIT-Rate)
Wuthering Waves 1.0 Banners

With the arrival of Jiyan and Yinlin, along with their respective banners and four-star companions, Wuthering Waves 1.0 update promises to bring fresh excitement and challenges to players. Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to embark on new adventures in the captivating world of Wuthering Waves.