Wuthering Waves Lanternberry Locations, Uses & Routes

Kyuma |  Published: May 27, 2024

Learn where to find & farm Lanternberry in Wuthering Waves with our guide. Discover routes, uses & tips for ascending Jianxin & Baizhi.

Lanternberry is a crucial resource in Wuthering Waves, used for ascending important characters like Jianxin and Baizhi. These glowing fruits can be found exclusively in the Tiger’s Maw area, specifically around the Tiger’s Maw Mine.

In this guide, we will cover the best locations and routes for farming Lanternberry, as well as alternative ways to obtain it and its various uses in the game.

Where to Find Lanternberry in Wuthering Waves?

Lanternberry location Wuthering Waves
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The primary location for gathering Lanternberry in Wuthering Waves is the Tiger’s Maw Mine, situated south of Jinzhou City. The fruits grow on vines and rocks, both on the surface and underground within the mine. To efficiently farm Lanternberry, it is recommended to explore the area thoroughly and activate all nearby Resonance Beacons and the Resonance Nexus for fast travel.

Efficient Farming Routes:

  1. Surface Route: Begin at the main Resonance Nexus and check the eastern cliffside for Lanternberry. Return to the Nexus and head south, collecting any fruits growing inside the mine entrance. Then, teleport to the eastern waypoint above ground and gather the Lanternberry in its vicinity. Finally, jump and glide below the platform in the northeast of the maw to find additional resources.
  2. Underground Route: Teleport to the waypoint located underground and follow the cave system northward. Navigate through the river and crevasses to collect the Lanternberry growing in this area. This route can be more challenging due to the complex terrain but yields a significant number of fruits.

By following these two routes, players can gather around 15-20 Lanternberry in a single run, making it an efficient way to stock up on this ascension material.

For those who prefer not to farm Lanternberry directly, an alternative method is to purchase them from Koko at the Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou. Each Lanternberry costs 3,000 Shell Credits, with a purchase limit of 15 berries per restock cycle. While this method is more convenient, it can be quite expensive compared to gathering it in the wild.

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How to Use Lanternberry in Wuthering Waves?

Lanternberry is a key ascension material for two characters in Wuthering Waves:

Jianxin Wuthering WavesBaizhi Wuthering Waves
How to Use Lanternberry in Wuthering Waves?
  1. Jianxin: A versatile 5-star character who excels in both damage and support roles.
  2. Baizhi: The most accessible healer in the game, available as a 4-star character.

To ascend these characters and unlock their full potential, players will need to collect a substantial amount of Lanternberry, along with other ascension materials and resources.

In conclusion, Lanternberry is an essential resource for progressing and strengthening your roster in Wuthering Waves. By following the efficient farming routes outlined in this guide and making use of the Resonance Nexus and Beacons for fast travel, players can quickly gather the Lanternberry they need to ascend Jianxin and Baizhi.