Wuthering Waves Livestream Recap: Events, Banners, and More

Scarletrune |  Published: May 20, 2024

Here is everything you need to know about Wuthering Waves Livestream, including the new events coming to the game, banners, as well as rewards.

Wuthering Waves Reveal Livestream has just ended and the event provided players with a wealth of information about the game’s upcoming launch. From new events to exciting banner releases, the livestream covered so many topics that have left the community buzzing with excitement.

Wuthering Waves Livestream Recap

We have summarized all the things that are going to happen in Wuthering Waves’ launch date. Check them out!

Wuthering Waves Release Date and Pre-Download

Wuthering Waves Livestream Recap
Kuro Games

One of the most crucial pieces of information revealed during the livestream was the official release date for Wuthering Waves. Players can mark their calendars for May 22nd, 2024, at 7 PM PST.

Additionally, pre-downloading will be available starting from May 21st, 2024, at 3 AM PST, allowing players to dive into the game as soon as the servers go live.

Wuthering Waves New Events

Version 1.0 of Wuthering Waves promises to keep players engaged with a variety of exciting events. Here is the complete list of events coming in the upcoming release:

Gift of Thawing Frost

Wuthering Waves Livestream Event Gifts of Thawing Frost
Kuro Games

Players receive Lustrous Tide and Radiant Tide daily by logging in, with a special 4-star Resonator Sanhua reward on Day 5.

Awakening Journey

Increase your Union Level to get rewards including:

  • Lustrous Tide x40
  • Astrite x1600
  • Standard 5-star Weapon of Choice

Rumbling Hollows

You can challenge the ‘Tower of Adversity’ to earn the 4-star Resonator Yuanwu and other rewards.

Depths of Illusive Realm

The Depths of Illusive Realm event presents players with a mysterious and challenging experience. This is a roguelike event in Version 1.0 where you need to obtain random Illusive Echoes, Metaphors, and special buffs for Resonators with each dungeon entry, allowing for varied battle styles.

Alloy Smelt

Wuthering Waves Livestream Event Gifts of Thawing Frost
Kuro Games

The Alloy Smelt event focuses on intense combat challenges. In this event, players accelerate Resonator abilities through fast-paced battles to earn:

  • Astrite
  • Development Materials
  • Other rewards

Overdash Club

The Overdash Club event offers a thrilling platformer-style game mode. You will need to conquer parkour challenges across Jinzhou using a Grappling Hook to earn Astrite as a reward.

Second Coming of Solaris

Lastly, the Second Coming of Solaris event tasks players with delivering goods across different locations, adding a unique twist to the gameplay.

Wuthering Waves Banners

The livestream also unveiled the banner system. There will be three banner systems available, which are:

Limited Banners

Wuthering Waves Version 1.0 Limited Banners
Kuro Games

This banner will feature Jiyan and Yinlin, along with their best-in-slot weapons, in two separate phases.

Event NameStart DateDetails
Prevail the Lasting NightMay 22, 2024Use Radiant Tide to participate in the Character Event Convene to obtain the featured 5-star Resonator Jiyan.
Use Forging Tide to obtain the featured 5-star weapon ‘Verdant Summit’ in the Weapon Convene Event.
When Thunder PoursJune 12, 2024Obtain the featured 5-star Resonator Yinlin in the Character Convene Event.
The Weapon Convene Event features the 5-star weapon ‘Stringmaster.’
Character Convene EventsOngoingGuaranteed a 5-star Resonator after up to 80 Convenes, with a 50% chance to get the featured Resonator.
If the first 5-star Resonator is not the featured one, the next 5-star Resonator is guaranteed to be the featured one.
Weapon Convene EventsOngoingGuaranteed the featured 5-star weapon after up to 80 Convenes.
Resonator TrialsDuring Character EventsPlayers can try out Jiyan and Yinlin to practice their skills.

Standard Banner

Wuthering Waves Version 1.0 Standard Banner
Kuro Games
Event NameDetails
Standard ConveneUse Lustrous Tide to obtain Resonators and Weapons.
Standard Weapon ConveneSelect a 5-star weapon for Targeted Convene.
The selected 5-star weapon can be switched at any time during Convene.
When obtaining a 5-star weapon, it is guaranteed to be the selected 5-star weapon.
After obtaining the selected weapon, players can continue to switch targets for further Targeted Convenes.

Beginner Convene Banner

Wuthering Waves Version 1.0 Beginner Convene Banner
Kuro Games
Event NameDetails
Utterance of Marvels (Beginner Convene Event)Use Lustrous Tide to participate.
Every 50 summons guarantees a 5-star Resonator.
Convene x10 costs two attempts less, requiring only Lustrous Tide x40 for a guaranteed 5-star Resonator.
Beginner 5-star Resonator Convene of ChoiceAfter obtaining a 5-star Resonator from the Beginner Convene, players can pick their favorite Standard 5-star Resonator for Targeted Convene.
Up to 80 Convenes guarantees the desired Resonator.
Get at least two 5-star Resonators from these events.
Extra ItemsObtain Afterglow Coral or Oscillate Coral during Convene events.
Afterglow Coral can be exchanged for Resonator Wavebands of Standard or Featured Resonators, Convene Tokens, and other valuable items.
Oscillate Coral can be exchanged for Convene Tokens and development materials during each event.

New Story Content, Map, and Boss Encounters

Wuthering Waves’ Version 1.0 will introduce updated main story quests and dialogues, immersing players in the game’s rich narrative. Additionally, players can look forward to facing off against new bosses too. Here is the list:

Main Quests

Wuthering Waves Livestream Recap New Main Quest
Kuro Games
  • Act V: Rewinding Raindrops
  • Act VI: Grand Warstorm

Companion Stories

  • Jiyan
  • Yinlin
  • Lingyang

New Map

Wuthering Waves Livestream Recap New Map
Kuro Games
  • Jinzhou City
  • Central Plains
  • Wuming Bay
  • Port City of Guixu
  • Tiger’s Maw
  • Dim Forest
  • Whining Aix’s Mire
  • Desorock Highland
  • Norfall Barrens

New Boss

Wuthering Waves Livestream Recap New Boss
Kuro Games

New mission types will challenge players to fight specific bosses, offering exciting rewards upon completion. The new enemy, called the Dreamless, is a mysterious entity found in the Norfall Barrens.

Echo System Enhancements

Based on feedback from Closed Beta II, developers have improved the Echo system. Players will now experience smoother gameplay with reduced stamina use and shorter wait times for collecting Echoes.

Pre-Register and Social Media Milestone Rewards

Wuthering Waves Pre Registration Rewards
Kuro Games

The Wuthering Waves community has shown incredible support, and the developers are responding with generous rewards. By achieving pre-registration and social media milestones, players will receive numerous rewards and in-game items, including:

  • Lustrous Tide x20
  • Sigil: En Route x1
  • Astrite x200
  • Advanced Resonance Potion x10
  • Shell Credit x80000

Additionally, players will be rewarded with a 4-star weapon selector for reaching social media follow goals.

The Wuthering Waves reveal livestream gave players a detailed look at what’s coming at launch. With the release set for May 22nd, 2024, and pre-downloading starting May 21st, players can get ready to dive into the game very soon!