Wuthering Waves Rover Best Build, Weapons, Echoes & Teams

Scarletrune |  Published: May 25, 2024

This is the definitive guide to building the strongest Rover in Wuthering Waves – optimized weapons, echoes, and team comps.

Rover, the main character of Wuthering Waves, is a versatile 5-star Spectro sword wielder that players unlock for free at the start of the game. While Rover can fill multiple roles including DPS, sub-DPS, and even support, building them as a primary damage dealer is the most effective way to utilize their kit, at least until acquiring other dedicated 5-star main DPS characters later on.

Wuthering Waves Rover Best Build

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look into the best weapons, echoes, and team compositions to unleash Rover’s full potential. When equipped and built properly, Rover can be a powerful Spectro damage in a variety of team compositions.

Rover’s Character Information

Rover's Character Information
Kuro Games

Rover is a 5-star character wielding a swords and excels at dealing Spectro damage quickly with a mix of multi-hit and charged attacks, along with close and mid-range abilities. In the battlefield, Rover can deliver impressive sustained damage.

Rover’s Best Weapons in Wuthering Waves

To harness Rover’s full potential, equipping him/her with the right weapon is crucial. The top weapon choices for Rover are:

Emerald of GenesisEmerald of GenesisProvides a high base ATK stat and a solid ATK% buff.
Commando of ConvictionCommando of ConvictionBoosts Rover’s ATK when using their Intro Skill.
LuminglossLuminglossAn accessible F2P option that still gives an ATK buff.

The 5-star Emerald of Genesis is Rover’s best choice of weapon thanks to its high base ATK and Crit Rate main stat, allowing you to focus more on Crit DMG from Echoes. But the 4-star picks are all viable placeholders, especially Lumingloss for non-gacha players.

Rover’s Best Echoes in Wuthering Waves

To maximize Rover’s Spectro damage, you need to select the best echo set for Rover. These are the best echoes for him/her:

Echo SetImage
Celestial LightCelestial Light
Echo AbilityImage
Mourning AixMourning Aix

You need to equip a full 5-piece Celestial Light Echo set for Rover if you want to have a strong build. The Sonata effect of this set provides a 10% Spectro DMG Bonus, which increases by an additional 30% after using an Intro Skill.

For Rover’s primary Echo ability, Mourning Aix is the top choice as it directly buffs Rover’s Spectro DMG and Resonance Liberation DMG. It drops from the Spectral boss at the bottom of the map.

Offensive substats like Resonance Skill DMG Bonus, Resonance Liberation DMG Bonus, and Heavy Attack DMG Bonus are also beneficial. Balancing main stats and sub-stats while staying within Echo cost limits can be tricky, but it is essential for optimizing Rover.

Rover’s Best Team Comps in Wuthering Waves

While Rover can work in many teams, here are two of their most effective early and late-game compositions:

Rover’s Best Team Composition
Rover (Male) Wuthering WavesYangyang Wuthering WavesBaizhi Wuthering Waves

This early-game comp focuses on Yangyang feeding Concerto Energy particles to Rover, allowing them to unleash powerful Resonance Liberation bursts. Yangyang can also group enemies with their Resonance Skill before swapping to Rover. Baizhi provides essential healing until you pull a stronger support like 5-star Verina.

Once you’ve acquired additional 5-star main DPS characters, Rover transitions into a potent sub-DPS role. So in late game, for the best team compositions, just remember to add any main DPS and any healer to Rover’s team.

By following this build guide and slotting them into the right team, Rover can carry your account as an early-game main DPS and then transition to a strong late-game sub-DPS. As a free 5-star Spectro DPS, investing in Rover is one of the best early-game decisions you can make in Wuthering Waves!

Wuthering Waves FAQs

  • What are Rover’s best weapons in Wuthering Waves?
    • Emerald of Genesis, Commando of Conviction, and Lumingloss.
  • What are Rover’s best Echo set and Echo Ability in Wuthering Waves?
    • Celestial Light and Mourning Aix.
  • What are the best team compositions for Rover in Wuthering Waves?
    • Rover, Yangyang, and Baizhi.