Wuthering Waves: Sonance Caskets Guide

Bilal |  Published: May 27, 2024

Discover how to find and trade Sonance Caskets in Wuthering Waves for high-tier rewards and valuable items.

Sonance Caskets are valuable items in Wuthering Waves that players can collect and trade for high-tier rewards. While exploring the vast world of Solaris, these glowing cubes might seem insignificant at first glance, but they hold great importance. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what Sonance Caskets are and where to trade them for maximum benefits.

What are Sonance Caskets in Wuthering Waves?

wuthering waves Sonance Casket
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Sonance Caskets are small, glowing cubes scattered across the world of Wuthering Waves. You’re likely to encounter your first Sonance Casket near Jinzhou during the initial quests. These caskets are essentially energy entities that contain records of the past, acting as data fragments filled with historical knowledge and valuable information.

Collecting Sonance Caskets is straightforward: simply walk up to them and interact to add them to your inventory. It’s crucial to gather as many as you can, as they are highly valued by specific merchants throughout Solaris.

Where to Trade Sonance Caskets in Wuthering Waves

How to Trade Sonance Caskets
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Sonance Caskets can be traded with Relic Merchants found across the game world. These merchants are identifiable by a small robot-like icon above their heads. The first Relic Merchant you’ll likely meet is Chenpi in Jinzhou. We recommend visiting him after collecting your initial Sonance Casket.

When interacting with a Relic Merchant like Chenpi, you can trade your Sonance Caskets for various items and currency. Each trade increases your trading level, subsequently raising the number of Sonance Caskets required for the next trade. For instance, the first trade might require only one Casket, but subsequent trades could require three or more.

Trading Sonance Caskets is highly beneficial, often yielding high-tier items and substantial currency rewards. The rewards for hitting your next trade-in target are displayed at the bottom left of the trading menu. Here’s an example of what you might receive from your first trade-in with Chenpi in Jinzhou:

wuthering waves Sonance Casket Trade
Kuro Games
  • 50 Astrite
  • 1 Lustrous Tide
  • 2 Advanced Resonance Potions
  • 2 Advanced Energy Cores
  • 10,000 Shell Credits

Each of these items is valuable in progressing through Wuthering Waves, making the collection and trading of Sonance Caskets well worth the effort.

In summary, Sonance Casket in Wuthering Waves are not to be overlooked. These energy entities hold historical records and are highly prized by Relic Merchants, who will reward you generously for them. Make sure to collect and trade these caskets to enhance your gameplay experience with high-tier items and currency.