Wuthering Waves Voucher of Reciprocal Tides: Free 5-Star

Bilal |  Published: May 27, 2024

Learn how to use the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides in Wuthering Waves to get a free 5-Star character. Follow our detailed guide.

The Voucher of Reciprocal Tides in Wuthering Waves is a valuable item that allows you to instantly obtain a 5-Star character of your choice. This guide will explain what the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides is, how to obtain it, and how to use it to enhance your gameplay experience.

Voucher of Reciprocal Tides in Wuthering Waves?

The Voucher of Reciprocal Tides is a special currency in Wuthering Waves that guarantees you a free 5-Star character from the Beginner’s Choice Banner. Unlike typical gacha mechanics where there’s a chance of not getting your desired character, this voucher ensures a 100% chance of receiving the character you select. This generous offer was introduced to compensate for the numerous launch issues experienced by players.

How to Claim the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides

wuthering waves Voucher of Reciprocal Tide
Kuro Games

To obtain the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides, you need to log in to Wuthering Waves before May 22, 2025. The conditions require you to reach Union Level 8 or unlock the Convene Banner. Once these conditions are met, the voucher will be sent to your in-game mail. Simply click the ‘Claim’ button on the mail containing the voucher to receive it.

It’s important to note that there might be a short delay in receiving your voucher. If you haven’t received it within 10 minutes of logging in and meeting the requirements, try restarting the game. If the issue persists, contact Kuro Games’ customer service at wutheringwaves_ensupport@kurogames.com.

How to Use It

  1. Redeem Your Voucher: Go to your in-game mail and claim the Voucher of Reciprocal Tides.
  2. Access the Beginner’s Choice Banner: Navigate to the ‘Convene’ menu and select the Beginner’s Choice Banner.
  3. Use the Voucher: Click on the ‘Convene x1’ button at the bottom of the banner.
  4. Select Your 5-Star Character: Choose the 5-Star character you want and confirm your selection.
  5. Final Confirmation: Use the ‘Convene x1’ button again to finalize and receive your chosen 5-Star character.

If you mistakenly select the wrong character, don’t worry. You can change your selection before finalizing by clicking the symbol next to the ‘Beginner’s Choice Convene’ text at the top of the screen.

Available 5-Star Characters

wuthering waves Free 5-star choice
Kuro Games

The following 5-Star characters are available on the Beginner’s Choice Banner:

  • Verina
  • Encore
  • Calcharo
  • Jianxin
  • Lingyang

If you’re unsure which character to choose, refer to our Wuthering Waves tier list for guidance on the best characters to enhance your team.


The Voucher of Reciprocal Tides is a fantastic way to secure a top-tier character early in your Wuthering Waves journey. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily obtain and use your voucher to strengthen your roster with a powerful 5-Star character of your choice.